Thursday, December 04, 2008

The Final Three

I'm back from the studio with my final three pots:

Here's a hand-built mug in Michigan Brown:

Hand-Built Oval Mug

A hand-built vase in Lisa's Favorite Blue and Raspberry (which makes purple):

Hand-Built Purple Vase

The vase has a major flaw in the back. It came apart during the bisque firing, so it won't hold water. Bah. I guess I could put a liner in it or something though ...

And, finally, another purple vase:

Purple Vase

And, that's all the pottery goodness you'll hear about from me 'til mid-February when the class starts up again.



  1. you are so talented!!!!!

  2. Nice work !

    xoxo, SG

  3. Purple vase.... is that like Purple Haze? Jimi Hendrix? You had to be there?

    Anyway, hello Mr. Talented.

  4. I LOVE the way the colors came out on that last vase.