Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Family Matter: Xmas Edition

Good morning, Kittens.

By the time this publishes, I should *crosses fingers* be on the road, careening madly around the Beltway in my SuperCute PT Cruiser Rental towards that Valley of Humility, North Carolina. I figured I won't have time to blog in the morning, hence the scheduled post. Hurrah for Post-Scheduling!

I'm all packed (ok, mostly packed). I'll load the car in the morning.

There is already some drama. My brother called this evening. Apparently, my parents, who had originally told him that they would stay in a hotel, have decided that we need some Family Togetherness Time (please, shoot me now), and, thus, all four of us will be staying in his small one bedroom/one bathroom apartment.

Now, I love my family ... in small doses ... in places where I have space. And, actually, when it's just the three of us anywhere it's usually good. Put the four of us in a tight quarters for any extended time and bad. things. happen.

Hopefully, since it is only for 2 nights, we will be able to maintain some sort of uneasy equilibrium. However, I feel a stress headeache coming on. And my muscles hurt.

I am breathing in.

holding it...

and out ...

in ...

holding it ...

and out ...

Please send me Happy Vibes ... especially as I'm driving (from approx. 10AM-3:30PM).
And, if you are on the road b/n Silver Spring, MD and Greensboro, NC and see a SuperCute Silver PT Cruise bouncing crazily down the road, honk and wave! It's me!

I plan to post during the vacation. Eugene the Laptop is accompanying me, because I will need to job hunt while I'm down there. But, in case something prevents my posting ...

Merry Christmas, Christian Kittens (and Non-Christian-but-Celebrating Kittens)



  1. NC Cuzin10:37 AM

    I offer our CH place as a safehouse. Just watch out for BigSkeet (the cat). We'll be in Greenville, NC.

  2. Ok, that sounds a great deal like Christmas Hell. I will be sending you good thoughts, and remember to take long walks when they drive you nuts!

  3. But what about your NCANC kittens?

    Breathing sounds like a good plan.

  4. anne marie in philly3:45 PM

    sweet jeebus, I don't envy you!

    sending good healing soothing karma your way until you can extricate yourself from a delicate situation {{{{{hugs}}}}}


  5. All of my family is now in the Chapel Hill area, and I think someone would be willing to find you a place to stay if you get desperate! (And I don't blame you; if we ever go see my parents, we'll be staying in the motorhome...)

  6. I hope you made the trip safely. Four adult family members in one small home like that would send me 'round the bend. Good luck.

    2 days? Can you make it for 2 days? Yes, continue to breathe.

  7. there are many things i'd rather do than "family togetherness" with my dad and siblings. dental work without anaesthesia comes to mind...

    much luck and safe driving.