Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekend Update: Baby Edition

Good morning, Kittens.

Most of my weekend focused on the Unborn. Friday, after realizing that the grocery shopping plans with Mike had been thrown into chaos, I met the Very Special HouseGuest, Nida, and her friend, Nami, for lunch. We went to a Japanese restaurant in Dupont Circle, Sakana. And then we went out for coffee.

Once Mike finished work, I met him at the Giant near his house, and we shopped and shopped and shopped. Brunch for 30 people is *a lot* of groceries. We finished around 730 (earlier than I thought! Yay!). I went home. Nida and I ordered pizza and had wine. Tomokito stopped by on her way home from work. And SCGB came down. It was like a pre-party or something.

I had the worst night of sleep EVER. At one point, I woke up after dreaming "All the food is STARCH! We need a salad!"

Saturday morning, Nida and I metro'ed to Mike's house. When we arrived, he had already done most of the cooking (hurrah!). So we did some minor things and helped organize, while he cleaned.

Here's the menu:

-Chilled Berry Soup (which was nice b/c it was unusually warm on Saturday)
-Spinach Quiche (one with bacon, one without)
-Hash Brown Casserole
-Cheese Lasagna
-Lots and lots and lots of mimosas!

The only "activity" we had was an idea I stole from BOSSY. I placed a box, some paper, and markers on a table so people could write messages to the baby (and her parents).

Tomoko opened presents. We ate the gorgeous (and delicious!) cake, which Mike made and decorated. He's really good, isn't he? [You may remember that he has made my birthday cake the past two years and also the Mummy Cake from this year's BYOP Carving Party]. The last of the guests left around 4. I was home at 5ish, completely exhausted.

You can check out photos here: Baby Shower Brunch

Later that evening, Kristi and the German came down and we watched DVDs until midnight.

Sunday, I didn't leave the house. So tired. I was supposed to meet a friend, but I cancelled. The only think I accomplished was this:

Which used to be this:

Yeah, I frogged the Never-Ending Cardigan of Doom. When I tried it on, it fit ... but it was a little snug. And I want something baggier. So I'm going to reknit it a size larger.

And that was my weekend. *w00t!*

Today is the final pottery class. Wah. The studio will be open for a few more weeks for students to finish up projects. *sigh*

Have a great day! *smooches*


  1. I'm so glad the baby shower was a success!

    The sweater- bah! That's a lot of work to put into something just to undo it all.

    Have a good week.

  2. anne marie in philly12:42 PM

    mike makes great cakes!

    I hears ya about the sweater; better to frog and reknit than to knit and never wear!

  3. Mike's cakes are beautiful. And I'm so impressed with your frogging!

  4. Wow. Knitting, pottery, friends with cake-making skills. You're one crafty son of a bitch, Vuboq!!

  5. Bossy cannot believe that you bagged a finished sweater. Bossy has never knit anything that ambitious in her life -- but if she did and it was too small, Bossy would have gone on a starvation diet and considered limb removal.

    This proves your talent is limitless, your creativity ongoing...