Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Because I Am Having a Martini and Procrastinating

Hello, Kittens!

You've all been so patient with my rather *blah* past few posts, here's a little bit more fun tidbits from my life ...

I received a surprise package today! A CD (Bridget Jones Diary 2) and a book (Brideshead Revisited). So fun! It's amazing how a little act of kindness like that brightened my dreary mood. OMG. I feel so HAPPY (and I'm *almost* 100% positive it's not just the gin).

In other news, I have a kind-of-date tonight. At 7:30. I probably shouldn't be having this martini. I call it a "kind-of-date" because I am going to dinner with a friend of a friend, who recently (in August) ended a 13-year relationship. I think that kind of hurt takes longer to heal than a few months. We'll have food and drinks and laughs and superhotsteamybuttsecks call it a night, I think. Anyway, I need to get out and make new friends and have some fun. So that's what I'm doing.

AND, I believe that Operation Politics of Visibility may be starting tomorrow. Details to follow if it happens.

Will that tide you over for the evening? Luv U! *smooches*

PS. VUBOQ was, like, totally sober in that photo. *cough*
PPS. Please accept the above wrinkly brow as proof that VUBOQ is, like, totally not addicted to botox.


  1. Have fun tonight! And while your at it, I'll take a vodka martini. Make that a flirtini! :o)

  2. I would guess that having a facial expression *at all* rules out the Botox. Have a good time tonight.

  3. This post makes up for all the other half-assed ones.

  4. Proof that VUBOQ forgot to shake his camera. Have a fun date!

    xoxo, SG

  5. This photo just made me laugh! It's great. The happiness is contagious :)

  6. Have fun on your "kind-of-date." I hope it's not awkward, and that you Get Some. *waggles eyebrows*

  7. anne marie in philly9:03 PM

    I hope you have a nice time tonight. and I shall raise a glass of merlot in toast to the wonderfulness that is VUBOQ!

  8. Would this photo be your new avatar? It's great!

  9. I kinda dated two guys years ago (kinda simultaneously) who were both just out of 13-year relationships. (Turned out, one of them wasn't quite out yet though. Yikes!) Makes me wonder about that 13-year time frame. Is there an itch then or something?