Thursday, November 13, 2008

Yeah. Oops.

Good Morning, Kittens.

Someone forgot about 12 of 12 yesterday. Oops. Of course, my camera batteries were dead anyway, so I guess it didn't really matter.

It's raining. And, since I don't *have* to go out into the rain, I'm not. Which means that Operation Politics of Visibility will not be starting today. Perhaps tomorrow. Or maybe Monday.

Today, rather than start OPV, I suppose I will finish the house-cleaning (vacuum! clean bathroom! make guest bed!).

Oh, and last night's dinner was fun. We went to Mandalay (Burmese food), which I LUV. Good conversation. AND, he has a 30 cup coffee maker that he's going to let me borrow for the Baby Shower Brunch! HURRAH! He drove me home. I'm still not sure if it was an actual Date Date or not though. Not that it matters. Things are still messy with his "divorce" ...

Here's another thing: He's a phd candidate. Do I like have some sort of phd candidate magnet? I mean, really, it's almost ridiculous the number of phd candidates I have dated (3 that I can think of off the top of my head, possibly more).

Anyway, I should start the cleaning process. And, figure out what I'm going to wear to see Tim Gunn tonight!

Have a good day! *smooches*


  1. Well, Operation Politics of Visibility can start this Saturday at 1:30PM nationwide. hint hint

    I was going to send you a reminder about 12 of 12 yesterday, but you always remember, so I decided not to. Sorry.

  2. Maybe it's time that both you and your dates graduated. No more Ph.D. candidates. Find yourself a professor.

  3. He is *not* a PhD candidate! Oy, Bossy is putting herself back to bed.

  4. But before Bossy puts herself to bed over the thought of you dating another PhD candidate: is he cute?

    If you had to cast him, who would he be?

  5. Ha, yes, we need to know the cuteness factor.

    Thom's and my first meeting was a non-date date (that consisted of dinner. and a concert. and coffee), and we're still together. :) Years later we were like, oh that was definitely a date, huh. LOL!

  6. I'm sure that he's nice and all, but a PhD candidate and a divorce'? Run!

  7. And here I was trying to send you hotsteamybuttsecks energy your way.

  8. Yeah, yeah, yeah, you're a smart guy magnet. Whatever. I think maybe it's because of this.

  9. you find the thinkie ones because you're the cutie one. i thought you knew that.

  10. the cousin10:21 AM

    I know the blog has moved onto to superpartypanic, but - 1) where the PhD proccess is this guy? is there a defense date? and 2) who paid for dinner? and 3) people who don't want to see you again do not offer to lend you 30 cup coffee makers.