Thursday, November 06, 2008


Good Morning, Kittens.

So, has the news sunk in yet? Still hopeful? Still changing? Still employed? I hope so ... even though I am *still* waiting for Barack Obama to bring me my coffee.

Yesterday was pretty much a waste. I was a tad overhung. I had to read the newspapers ... all of them. Eventually, I motivated myself to do two loads of laundry. Then, I decided to rake the yard.

During which time, I either started to have a heart attack or pulled a muscle. Shooting! Pain! Down my left arm! Of course, I can never remember which arm is the one that experiences shooting pain during a heart attack. Fortunately, I was not experiencing any other symptoms (which I believe are the ABCDs of Heart Attacks: Assymetry, Border, Color, and Diameter), and my pulse seemed fine.

So, I determined that I had suffered a rake-induced injury and gave up the leaf-raking for the day. In fact, my left shoulder is still a bit sore. Wah.

Not sore enough to hinder me when I go to pottery class this afternoon.

And there you have it. My exciting life.

Oh, and in case you missed it yesterday on Twitter, here's a photo of the GINORMOUSLY HUGE AND SCARY SPIDER that is living RIGHT OUTSIDE MY KITCHEN WINDOW!!!!


More later. *smooches*


  1. If that thing was living outside my kitchen window, I would move.


  2. *I* am still unemployed, but my DH got laid off yesterday. :-(
    That spider can come live at my house if it promises to never let a scorpion within a mile of my home.

  3. Didn't that spider bite Peter Parker?

  4. Spiders like that are quite beneficial if you give them their space. That gal is saving you from a lot of other more pesky pests. She won't be there for long. Just pretend like she isn't creepy. Learn to love your inner spider. (or some bullcrap like that)

    Hope your arm feels better soon! Hope the sore shoulder doesn't hinder your efforts at pottery.

  5. ewwww i hate hate hate spiders! i don't even like spiderMAN!

    and erm...aren't the ABCD's for moles and other skin things?

    and, i'm still unemployed, but i've decided i'm going to become michelle obama's personal shopper cause damn

  6. Unless you were looking for skin cancers on your heart, I'm pretty sure that ABCD list refers to something else. LOL.

  7. Marve9:52 PM

    Pffft. That's not a spider... this? Now this is a spider.

  8. Sorry to hear about your heart attack......and that it a brown recluse???


  9. Bossy doesn't appreciate spiders with easily visible leg joints.

  10. Yikes on spider friend. *shudder*

    Still unemployed. *sigh* And the severence is dwindling. But I'm looking forward to the change! The Obama change. Been doing the other change for a couple of years now. Sorry. TMI female stuff.