Monday, November 17, 2008


Good Early Evening, Kittens.

So, last night, I was in the chat room (which, I must admit, I haven't visited in quite some time). I was in the middle of a conversation with this rather interesting gentleman, who I may be meeting later this week, when someone else initiated a conversation.

Feeling friendly, I engaged him (even though he was short, old, and totally not my type). My benevolent nature sometimes gets the best of me, fer sure.

Anyway, the conversation seemed normal enough. Until he asked, "What are you into?" and, sensing that this was going some place I didn't want it to go, I replied, "Um. I like chocolate and I really enjoy my pottery class."

And, he was all "haha you're funny. I'd love to meet you at the door and drop to my knees to suck you off."
Before I could respond, "You're so short you wouldn't need to drop to your knees," he wrote, "I'm naked and hard."
I replied, "haha. you're funny, too." [because, really, ew.]

And then he wrote, "Don't you like sex?"

But, I before I could think of a nice way to say "I do, but not with creepy trolls like you," he ended the chat. Alas ... If only I could think more quickly.


The other thing I was thinking about was the upcoming inauguration. As some of you may know, I live in the DC/Metro Area. If you're planning to come to the inauguration in January, and need a place to crash, please let me know. My apartment can comfortably sleep 4 or 5 (and uncomfortably sleep a few more). I *think* one friend may already be staying here (I need to confirm), but I'm more than willing to house a few others. Just let me know. As soon as you can.



  1. anne marie in philly1:41 AM


    who knows what diseases (or worse) that troll might have!

    assmuppets like that exist in the straight world too; so gross!

    you deserve better than that, baybee!

  2. We all can't be tall.

  3. rn terri1:06 PM

    He sounds icky.

  4. LOLOLOL. So classy.

  5. You're funny. Now you just need to learn to type faster!

    Me! I wanna come to the inauguration in January and stay at your place! I mean, I probably WON'T, but I super really WANT to.