Thursday, November 20, 2008

Retail Therapy

Good Afternoon, Kittens.

It's been a rather unpleasant few days (rejection! poor job prospects! running. out. of. booze!), so I did what any Red-Blooded, Apple-Pie-Eatin', Mom-Lovin' American would do:

I went shopping ... (and here's where the BOSSY's Poverty Party part kicks in) with other people's money! HUZ-ZAH!

Yesterday, my parents sent me a Thanksgiving card and, inside, was a CHECK! Mom gets some sort of annual Life Insurance Dividend, which she graciously gives to my brother and me. So, I deposited the check (two deposits in two days! I rock!) and hit the local DSW!

Where I bought these:

CUTE, no?

AND, I had a $10 off coupon. So I spent $10 less of Other People's Money! *w00t!*

Then, I went next door to the Borders, where I bought these:

Using my Borders Reward Certificates (from my Borders Visa). I have said this before and I will say it again, "If your credit card doesn't have any perks (miles/points/free things from Borders), you have the wrong credit card." [Oh, and, btw, I refuse to carry a balance. Paying interest is full of teh suck.]

Anyway, two fab Xmas CDs at $6.99 each + tax = $14.82. I paid using 3 $5 Reward Certificates and got $0.18 change. HAH! Borders just paid me to take those CDS. What a nice book store.

Next, I headed to the Whole Foods for groceries ... where I spent the remaining Mom Money (and I treated myself to nice cheese! Hurray for nice cheese!).

And, that is how you go shopping, buy lots of fun stuff, and not spend any of your own money!



  1. Those shoes are fab. There's nothing like spending other peoples' money. Wall Street is doing it, why not us?

    There's nothing like a Streisand Christmas cd to put you in the mood. Of course you have to have Dolly as well :)

  2. I have a Nordstrom Visa and rack up about $40 in Nordy gift cards a month.

    Also today I hit Shoppers Food Warehouse (ew) for triple coupons day and saved $75 on my groceries, paying really only for the produce.

    And yesterday I couldn't get a sitter so I took care of my own kid and pocketed the $20. Although yesterday? I really rather would have had the sitter.

  3. I support Retail Therapy and I approve these purchases!

    Nordstrom there we go....

  4. rn terri2:49 PM

    You rock! Those shoes are fabulous. Shoe shopping makes everything better, no?

  5. Course we don't have borders up here. There's nothing better than spending other people's money though.
    Cute shoes but ten dollars off of what?

  6. Love the shoes, could do without the Streisand.

  7. Bossy gives you a pass for super cute boots. And Bossy is a sucker for Christmas CDs, although usually of the Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin variety.

  8. P.S. 31 apps and only 3 interviews in the space of 7 bottles of gin makes me sad.

  9. I was going to say the exact same thing as Gayprof before he beat me to it.

  10. You had a happily productive day. Other People's Money (OPM) is my favorite kind.

  11. I've never heard of DSW. (But I googled, so I'm hip now.) I *heart* the Big 5 Sporting Goods which always has my very favorite Coleman waterproof hiking boots for around forty bucks. Srsly. I've been buying slightly updated (slightly out of style) versions of the same boots for about eight years now. Never get tired of them.

    I spend my own money though, so there's still some tricks I need to learn from you.