Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sometimes I Really Hate the Washington Post

Good Evening, Kittens.

Everyone home from work and have martini in hand? Good.

This morning, as I was taking my shower, I was thinking about the American Car Company Bailout. And, I thought, "What good is it to just throw money at the car companies? They need to adapt and improvise. They don't need a government handout."

And, then it hit me like a ton of exfoliating soap (ow! scratchy!), there should be some sort of Car Company New Deal! For example, the current lame duck Congress or President Obama (after January), should launch a program which directs the Big Three to bid on replacing the entire Post Office Fleet with hybrids. Or something like that. Encourage green jobs! Award the contract to the car company with the best EnviroPlan! And do similar things with other government fleets.

Ba-Da-Bing! Ba-Da-Boom! Detroit Car Crisis Solved ... eventually.

Of course, I got out of the shower, got dressed, and booted up the computer. My homepage is the WashingtonPost.com. And what did I see over in the far left corner under editorials?

Some FUCKER had written an editorial titled something along the lines of "Obama Should Be Less Like Lincoln, More Like FDR."*

And. *fizzle* There went my blogpost. *sigh*
Life is so hard.
Why can't I ever have an original idea?

Martinis. They are good.


*No, I didn't read it. And, no, I'm not going to link to it. I'm too disheartened.


  1. don't you hate when that happens!?

    i say instead of bailing out these giant companies, they should split the 700 billion amongst all LEGAL, TAX PAYING American citizens. I mean, think about it:

    They could put requirements on it like, you have to pay taxes on it (so that money is going RIGHT BACK to the government), you have to pay a certain percentage towards your mortgage (if you have one) and student loans (if you have any, which, like almost everyone does now). THAT would bail out this economy...


  2. I think they should reinstate funding for the Civilian Conservation Corps (which was defunded but not decommissioned) and set them to work repairing infrastructure in serious need of repair. That would at least put the large equipment divisions of the automakers to work making new construction vehicles, plus it would put a whole lot of money into domestic industries, creating jobs beyond the immediate CCC workers, and people would have more cash in their pockets to be good little consumers.

  3. Who do you think the Washington Post sent to spy on you in the shower? Because that's obviously what happened.

  4. I want a national rail system.

  5. Oh, and a really stylish one!