Friday, November 14, 2008

Shut Up About Tim Gunn Already

Good Morning, Kittens.

As you know, I went to the Tim Gunn lecture last night. And it totally solidified my uber-crush on him. He's so smart and articulate and stylish and funny and ... and ... and ... *swoon*

Anyway, here's another piece of PR gossip:

Tim Gunn's favorite look from all 5 seasons: [highlight to read] The Chris/Christian Avant-Garde dress from Season 4.

Before Tim Gunn's lecture, I stopped by the pottery studio and glazed a few things.

Today is SuperPanicPartyMode! I've got to make the shopping list. The guy I went to dinner with two nights ago (henceforth known as "Mark" (because that would be his name)) is bringing by a 30-cup coffee maker this morning. Very Special Out-of-Town Guest arrives and we have to arrange a time/place to have a Passing of the Keys.

At some point this afternoon, I will be heading to Costco and Giant with Mike to do fun fun fun grocery shopping. Gah.

Fun times, kittens. Let's hope my brain doesn't esplode.



  1. No! Please don't shut up about Tim Gunn! Give details! Juicyjuicy details!

    (My word verification is "kinle.")

  2. Just breath and remember, nothing is ever perfect and everyone who is worth caring about will enjoy themselves regardless.

  3. rn terri11:35 AM

    Good luck tonight, I'm sure it will be fabulous!

  4. That was a spectacular piece. Have a fun party! PS: Costco on a Saturday? Ack!

    xoxo, SG