Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Beware of the Duck

Good Afternoon, Kittens.

Has your Post-Election Euphoria worn off yet? No? Here ... Let me help:

Thought #1: Gay is the New Black.

California. Arizona. Florida. Mm. Hm. I'm looking at you. Thanks for affirming my second class citizenship status. Love you too. Srsly. Mean it.

Thought #2: Even Lame Ducks Bite.

Anyone remember the 462 GaBillion pardons President Clinton gave out as he was leaving office? (I got one. Didn't you?) What havoc do you think GW Bush is going to wreak during his final 76 days? Here's a hint of things to come: A Last Push to Deregulate.

I'm sorry. Did I bring you down? What can I do to make it better?

Oh. I know. Here's a Thing that Makes Me Happy:

Tequila. 'Nuff said.



  1. anne marie in philly5:27 PM

    can we cut off CA, AZ, and FL from the rest of us? gah, how inhuman of all y'all!

    monkey fuck (GWB) could drop a bomb, or hand out medals (heckava job, karl/dick/[insert name here]), or just hole up in the oval office with a bottle and some blow for the next 76 days. ya never know...

  2. No, please don't send us away. At least not before I can move out of the state. I'll move to western NM - if AZ and CA are gone, I'll have beachfront property!
    Actually, the measure passed by a smaller margin in AZ than I thought it would. Just means we have to fight harder next time.
    Oh yeah, and GWB is changing homeland security rules to make it easier for the FBI to spy on individuals and groups, whether they're suspected of illegal activity or not.
    /waves to the FBI

  3. ETA: means we have to fight harder to allow anyone to marry anybody they want to.

  4. Bossy is soooooooooooo devastated about California and Arizona. How can things be so lopsided -- and now, of all times?

    Bossy was happy that Obama mentioned the diversity in line to vote, including Gay and Straight, which Bossy believes is O'Boyfriend's hidden message that he will embrace everyone.

    Now we need that message to become opaque!

  5. I vote with anne marie in philly: let's fire those dumb states.

  6. Buzz kill.

    How can California, of all places, ban gay marriage? How can any of them, really? Will they invoke states' rights and start flying Confederate flags soon, too? Because that's the sort of logic and tradition they are working in.

  7. Don't worry. Now that Obama can stop pandering to get votes, he's going to go back to being the Left-Wing Messiah.

  8. Just to let ya and the Big F voted NO down here in the bible belt........we had yer back.


  9. Please don't make me leave! I'm in FL but I'm REALLY from MA. So of course I voted HELL NO on #2.

    Geez, What a freaking insult to some of my best friends. Their marriages are 100% better than a lot of straight people I know.