Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Give Thanks! VUBOQ is Blogging about Sweet Potato Casserole Again!

Good Morning, Kittens.

Aah... you can tell Thanksgiving approacheth when a majority of search engine hits on ye olde bloggie are for "Chelsea Clinton's Sweet Potato Casserole" ... After much research last year, I learned that Chelsea Clinton doesn't have a Sweet Potato Casserole. I'm so sorry, Fans of Chelsea. Maybe this will tide you over (re-posted from last year):

Not Chelsea Clinton's Sweet Potato Casserole
(I think it's my mom's ... but it could be someone else's)
(6-8 servings)

4 medium sweet potatoes
9 oz. can of crushed pineapple
1/4 cup butter
1 egg (slightly beaten)
2 tsp salt1 tsp nutmeg
2 tbsp brown sugar
mini marshmallows

Cook and mash potatoes.
Add pinapple, butter, egg, salt and nutmeg.
Beat until creamy.
Spoon into baking dish.
Sprinkle with brown sugar.
Top with marshmallows.
Bake at 350 for 30 minutes until marshmallows are golden brown.
[Note: You may want to add sugar to potato mixture, especially if the pineapple is in its own juice and not in heavy syrup. Taste to check.]

I think I heard PeskyMac (although, I suppose I should start referring to her as Ms. Jumper or something) vomit a little in her mouth (assuming she read this post).

All the other hits yesterday were from some sort of Daniel Craig forum. Did you not hear me? He's mine. Back. Off. Kittens.

Meanwhile, yesterday, my morning started off with a flurry of activity. I ventured forth unto the Giant. The Late Night All-Pie Thanksgiving and Game Night will soon be here, and I needed the ingredients for the spinach-ricotta pie (from the Moosewood Cookbook) I'm making. I think I'm also going to make a spiced apple cider (with spiced rum on the side).

It looks like there will be about 8-10 people in attendance. Fun! Pie! YUM! The burning question on everyone's mind is "Will ShallowGal bless the event with her appearance or not?" Only time, and the promise of No Pictionary, will tell.

On the job front, I started the application process on change.gov. I believe there is a very small snowball's chance in a very hot Hades that anything will come of it, but what the hell? right? Also, there's a job opening in Midwestern Funky Town, home of both GayProf and the SuperFantastic Cuzin, for which I am considering applying. I seriously have to weigh the pros (GayProf! Cuzin!) versus the cons (OMG! FROZEN TUNDRA! SNOW! ICE! BRRR!).

Today, I must make a likker store run (yay!) and, later this evening, I'm heading over to Mike's to pick up the coffee maker I borrowed from a friend for the baby shower. I should also do some cleaning. And tidying.

And I have a boatload of packages to get ready to send out. Hopefully, that will be done in the coming week or so. Sorry I'm so slow about sending things out.

Have a great day, kittens! *smooches*

PS. What do you think of the new flickr banner at the top of the blog? Yes? No? Maybe?


  1. You may be no fan of pumpkin pie (yum), but add crushed pineapple to anything and you've already lost me. Bleah.

    *Commenters rushing to voice their support for pineapple in 3-2-1...*

    I do like the flickr banner, though.

  2. rn terri11:27 AM

    Love the banner. Also love the idea of the spiced cider and rum! YUM! Have a happy Late Night All-Pie Thanksgiving.

  3. MFT is very livable, if you drink.

    Even I was tempted to put an application into change.gov.

  4. I love the banner!

    Yum, Not Chelsea Clinton's Sweet Potato Casserole sounds good. Can you use fresh pineapple? Canned pineapple makes me cringe.

    Have a happy all pie Thanksgiving ;p

  5. anne marie in philly1:18 PM

    NO - to the sweet potato thing! yuck!!

    YES - to the flickr banner!

  6. Vuboq, games and pie are 3 of SG's favorite things. And she'll be in Vuboq's neck o the woods celebrating like the pilgrims did with her step-brothers.

    But SG will also have 3 spawn AND a mother-in-law in tow. We will probably have to pass this time. Game night raincheck?

    xoxo, SG

  7. Marshmallow and pineapple, you are a white boy. I hope you get to go live in midwestern funky town. I'm sure they have pottery class there too.

    OMG word verification: gagmes

    As in gagmes with a spoon.

  8. I *heart* the flickr banner.

    Spiced cider with Rum. Yum!

    And Yay! for Rum.

    Rum makes me feel like a pirate.