Thursday, November 13, 2008

Juicy Tidbits

Hi, Kittens!

I'm home from the UMD talk by Tim Gunn. And I have dish (oh, why didn't I think about live blogging it? or tweeting it? or something?) ...

I have written the answers in white, so you'll need to highlight to read ... that way you can play along ...

Tidbit #1: The Designer from each season Tim Gunn wouldn't mind if they were on a desert island ...

Season 1 - Wendy Pepper
Season 2 - Zulema
Season 3 - Vincent
Season 4 - Victorya Hong
Season 5 - Kenley ("I would row her out there myself ... and then she'd tell me 'you're doing it wrong!'")

Tidbit #2: Possible Season 6 Spoiler ...

Here it is: There is a green neoprene (sp?) dress/outfit which one judge hated so much she tried to filibuster, but it WINS!

There you have it! See what I do for you?


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  1. I wish I knew what you're talking about.