Tuesday, November 04, 2008

My SuperHot Vote Date with SCGB

... or How I Celebrated SwankyMama's Birthday*

Here's a little photo essay of my afternoon ...

SCGB got home from school around 1.

We decided to walk to our Polling Place.

The trees are about the only things that are red in my district! Hurray for Liberal Values!

Kittens, there was NO line. It took me longer to decide what to buy from the PTA Bake Sale (rum cake and cranberry/orange pound cake) than it did to vote.

Obama!I could only choose one. Sorry, Cynthia.

We talked to our neighbor, who is a better citizen that I'll ever be. She takes the day off work to be a volunteer poll worker/election judge/person. Isn't that awesome?

Then, we walked up to hip and happenin' Downtown Silver Spring for our FREE Starbucks!

Yayz! Life is good.

Did you???

I think Barack Obama wants us to have a martini! *smooches*

*Happy Birthday, Your Swankyness!


  1. As stupid as it may sound, I must say I think it's just great to see people vote and be so proud of it. Gobama!!

  2. i didn't get an "i voted, yo voté" sticker! not fair!

    i can't believe i didn't participate in free starbucks! what was i thinking!?

  3. anne marie in philly6:10 PM

    I would LOVE to have a martini WITH obama! :-)

    who is that handsome guy with the coffee and the cable knit sweater? did you make it yourself? the sweater, not the coffee (hee hee).

    my polling place opened at 7a; by 7:45a, I was voter #102. I saw so many first time voters being proud to cast a ballot. some people brought their kids.

    OBAMA 08!

  4. Nice photo, I agree. Of you, I mean. ;)

  5. anne marie in philly: unfortunately, I am not that knittingly gifted. I believe the wonderful craftsmen at Banana Republic made my sweater.

  6. I have never ever had to wait in line for more than 5 minutes and most times (today included), there has been no wait at all. But that's because most people here vote by mail, I guess. We're in the process of going all mail-in, but my county ain't there yet.


  7. wow.....
    this feels excellent........

  8. carlnepa4:46 PM

    Hey, he's cute....not that you're a schlub yourself. You go VUBOQ!!

  9. I sooo got that sticker!!!

    When I lived in Philly, there were these big ass voting machines......down here in the south, you have to connect the freaking arrow........i kid you not......with a number 2 pencil.