Monday, November 03, 2008

Weekend Update: Halloween Edition

Good Morning, Kittens!

Hope everyone had a SuperProductive weekend full of tricks (*heh*) and treats!

My weekend did not get off to a great start, but improved muchly ... lessee ... Friday afternoon, I went to the pottery studio. I did some glazing, and I threw a mug and two vases. After that, things did not go in my favor and I began to get crankier and crankier, culminating in my leaving happy hour at Nellie's earlier than anticipated because I did not want to be around people any longer.

So, I spent Halloween at home, alone, surfing on teh 'nets.

Saturday, I organized a Leaf-Raking Party. About 6 neighbors showed up and we raked the yard. Many hands make light work, yo. We were done in just over an hour. *w00t!*

Then, because the weather was so nice, I strapped on the rollerblades and went out for a bit.

Saturday night, I watched DVDs. and remembered to turn my clocks back (except the coffee maker, which I can't remember how to set).

Sunday, Carolyn and I went to the pottery studio. I did trimming. Lots and lots of trimming. Hours of trimming. I am totally trimmed out. Srsly. Then, we stopped by Y's, because he had something for me ... a plant from Hawaii. Seeing him again was a little annoying. I still need some distance.

Back home, I made a martini. Later, Tomokito came down and we watched Blood Diamond, which was v. good.

Today, I don't have much on the agenda. I guess I will plant the Hawaiian plant. I will fritter away most of the day. Then, off to pottery class! Tonight, I will do a bit of glazing and probably throw a few more things. We shall see.

More later ... perhaps.



  1. I would listen to your annoyed feelings about Y.

  2. Marve3:50 PM

    What the Prof said. But what kind of plant is it? Ti leaf? Plumeria?

  3. Yeah, sorry about Y, and what's the plant?