Friday, November 07, 2008

I Force You to Look at My Pottery

Good Morning, Kittens.

Not much happened yesterday. I went to the pottery studio. After which, I met Y for coffee. It was all right. If you define "all right" as "awkward and uncomfortable." He seems to want to stay friends though. We shall see ...

But enough about that. How about some pottery pix?

2 Mugs in Michigan Brown and Raspberry with handpainted Lisa's Favorite Blue stripe
2 Mugs

Small Tartpan

Lidless Jug
Lidless Jug

Handleless Jug
Handleless JugThe handle popped off during the bisque firing.

Instructor-Assisted Jug
Instructor Assisted JugI had a little help with the body-shaping and lid-making for this one.

Have a great day! *smooches*


  1. Thanks for the explanation on the handle-less jug. No handle on a jug makes no sense. I like it's frilly lid, though.

    That pan is such a tart!

    I like that raspberry color.

    I love it when you force me to look at your pottery. I'm a slut like that.

  2. Your pottery looks great. Mine always looks like a toddler did it...... :(

  3. You have an impressive set of jugs.

  4. I love your pottery. You're very talented! I especially like the mugs.

  5. Very nice. Is the consistent color scheme that you use a reflection of your sensibilities or merely the stock of the pottery studio? Just curious, as they all seem to share very similar stylings.

  6. I am lmao @ Gayprof's comment.
    There is that color scheme again. I'm totally doing my bedroom in that rose/raspberry, Lisa's blue, and brown combo. It's fantastic.
    I dunno why you bother with Y, even for coffe. You deserve much better, my friend. Who cares if he wants to stay friends? When was the last time he was a friend to you?

  7. Ok, so omg, where do you do pottery classes? Nanny Garcia needs more distraction from her empty, empty life. It's either this or more tattoos, man. Help a sistah out.

  8. Gayprof: *roflmao!!!*

  9. Great work! And I adore the tartpan! Of course, I'm just a tart at heart. *cackle*

  10. I like the handleless jug!


  11. That Tartpan is the bomb. Beautiful job on the edges.