Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I Walked

and so i uploaded some photos from our trip to Whitstable by the sea ... we opted to go there, rather than Canterbury. I'm not sure why other than, I had visited Canterbury over a decade ago and had never seen the sea - at least, never seen the sea from the point of view of the Whitstable shore.

Off the coast are these gigantic wind farms. I remember reading about the controversy. It seems that somewhere off the US Northeast coast, someone wanted to build something similar. Does the cost outweigh the benefits? Is carbon-free energy worth the environmental damage? Swings and roundabouts - what you gain on the swings, you lose on the roundabouts. Environmentalists, it seems, are never happy.

But, that was on Sunday, and quoth Anne-Marie, "It's good to get out of London."
To which I responded, "But I haven't hardly been in London."

Today, after a bit of a lie in, I boarded the bus and took the Tube to Temple. Even after all my visits to London, I have never wandered about Middle Temple. I had never seen the Temple Church (it's the round church featured in The Da Vinci Code).

Round Temple Church

From there, I walked along the Thames. First the north bank. Then, I crossed over the Millenium Bridge to the southside. I briefly entered the Tate Modern - only to use the loo and buy a coffee mug. I had a sandwich (brie and chutney) and tea at the Globe Cafe.

I crossed back to the north bank and wandered around the outskirts of the Tower of London. No point in paying the entrance fee, although it did mean that I couldn't snag a beefeater to bring home to Robert. (Alas ... perhaps, I can still find a hairy man in a kilt for him).

Tower Bridge

I wandered around streets and through St. Katherine's Docks, eventually ending up near Anne-Marie's school. From there, we drove up towards Bethnal Green to meet our friend, Denise, and her SI, Ian. We drank beer in their cute little 1BR flat, then headed out for Vietnamese. We ate. We talked. We drank. We laughed. We left.

After Eating Vietnamese

The agenda tomorrow? I must call Sin and Nida's cousin to see when we can meet up. I think I might head up to the British Museum. I need to buy a journal, so I can write my thoughts there. Perhaps, I'll visit Greenwich. AM says there's a cute little shoe store there. *heh* shoes.

Who needs shoes when you have a bright orange mug from the Tate Modern?

*London smooches* and *caviar dreams*

Updated on Tuesday mid-morning while waiting for the rain to let up a bit.


  1. You can buy shoes anywhere, but not a birght orange mug from the Tate Modern.

    I hope that you are having fun.

  2. FYI -- Love the new profile picture -- Your hair no longer looks red, though. Is that just a trick of the light?

  3. Fantastic shots! Brings back all sorts of memories. I agree with GayProf, I so love your new profile photo (it just kind of makes me uneasy that you will fall in) :)

    Hope you are having an amazing time!!


  4. sounds like you are having fun. great! you know my views on shoes: can never have enough. must buy shoes from London.

  5. Isn't it amazing the things one takes for granted? The wind farm to which you refer in the north east of england is in fact just off great yarmouth, my home town. It's the biggest offshore farm in the UK and although the locals protested about it they only know half the story.

    They were protesting about the "ugliness" of these things while I think they're quite beautiful. They did grudgingly admit that it was better than another nuke station though.

    Most of them don't realise that WE don't even get the power from them. Although it's only a mile or so off our coast, the power is piped to Belgium where it can be sold to the electricity companies for more than it can in the UK!

    Glad you're having fun, you make me wish I was there to take you on a tour!