Tuesday, October 31, 2006

So. Very. Jealous.

Robert saw the Snickers HUNGERECTOMY ad on a bus today. I am so jealous.

Mars, Inc. deserves a PERVY MONKEY *slap* for that one!

Meanwhile, I am working on a writing sample for a job application. The job is with NGO which deals with population issues. I went through all my old grad school papers and found two focusing on population. Now, I'm trying to decide which one to edit down to a 2-page or so writing sample, the one which attempts to reconcile Christian philosphy with population and ecological economics OR a critical analysis of over-population and the government's policy response in the People's Republic of China.

Then, again, I wonder why I should even bother. It's not like I'll get the job.

Maybe I'll scroll down, look at my pumpkin pictures, and opt for a career as a professional pumpkin carver.



  1. I would go with the China paper. My neighbor works in an NGO that deals with population issues.. sounds like fun. they meet many celebrities.

  2. go with the paper on china. good luck.

  3. i wonder what ngo bala wala shi's neighbor works for? could it be the one i work for?

    nix the xtian theme, overpopulation and policy are more pertinent

  4. Americans for UNFPA.. If it's the same one, email me (Steven has my email).