Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A Little Bad News Goes A Long Way

As some of you may know, I'm going on vacation. Friday. For TWO WEEKS! to LONDON! (and Glasgow)!

Unfortunately, there is some bad news. I'm not quite sure how to break it to you, but ... wait ...

Are you ready?

Maybe you should be sitting down.

OK. Are you ready now?

Take a couple of deep, calming breaths.

Ready, now? Good.

I probably will not be blogging while I'm away.


Yes. Yes. I know. It's a shock. Here. Have a martini.

Fortunately, VUBOQ is concerned about you.

Here is a [not all inclusive] list of ways not to miss VUBOQ too terribly much:

1. Re-read the VUBOQ archives. Experience VUBOQ LURVE from the beginning.
2. In fact, break it up. Read a month a day until VUBOQ gets back.
3. Repeat.
4. Make this photo your computer's wallpaper.
5. Write long poems about how much you love and miss VUBOQ.
6. Post those poems in VUBOQ's comments section.
7. Think about what you want to buy VUBOQ for Christmas [there are only 82 shopping days left].
8. Buy VUBOQ's fabulously expensive Christmas presents.
9. Porn! Watch lots of PORN. That always makes VUBOQ feel better.
10. Drink yourself into a forgetful stupor every night [Yes, VUBOQ knows some of you already do that, but, now, at least, you have a reason!].
11. Keep hope alive. Like MacArthur, VUBOQ shall return.


  1. Make this photo your computer's wallpaper.

    You mean other people hadn't already done that?

    What will I do without VUBOQ? I shall cry into my pillow every night until you return.

  2. I will miss your posts.. you better come back from London with good stories!

  3. So, I must say - you are the nicest co-blogger I know. My new wallpaper is definately the COOLEST wallpaper I've ever had on my screen.

    I think I'll try to limit my VUBOQ archives to two a day... Maybe three if the postings are shorter than normal.

    Sob. I'm trying. To. Hold. It. Together.

  4. Scott C3:13 PM

    Sorry, I can't make that photo my wallpaper. I would get nothing done, as I would be staring at it all day.