Monday, October 30, 2006

Chock Full of Fun and Excitement

The Pumpkin Carving Party was a great success! About 15 people attended. Many pumpkins were carved. The party signature cocktail was delicious! The food was good. A terrific time was had by all. Or at least, me. And I'm the only one who really counts ;-) *heh*

My friend, and former co-worker, Kristen, brought punch made from cranberry juice, apple juice, and sparkling apple cider. To that, we added green apple vodka and a splash of Hot Damn cinnamon schnapps. OMG. Fucking fantastic it was.

The last party guest (Mike) left around 12:30. Jake arrived around 1. We went to bed soon after. Saturday morning, we blobbed around the house and carved the three leftover pumpkins. I do like pumpkin carving. That evening, we met Terry and Robert at Logan Tavern and then went for drinks at Halo.

Sunday morning, we headed into DC to watch the marathon. It was that morning when I realized that I had left all my marathon information and post-marathon party directions at work. I thought I could give Barbara (my friend who ran the marathon) my phone number as she ran by and she could call me with the party details.

However, I never saw Barbara. I don't know if a) I miscalculated her pace and we got there too late or b) she ran by and I never saw her or c) she became injured and dropped out before mile 12. I am hoping the answer was (a) or (b).

I was unable to get the directions from my office, because even though, as a supervisor, I am supposed to have 24/7 access to the office, my security card doesn't work. I missed the party. I emailed Barbara my apologies and offered to take her out for drinks/dinner one night soon.

After watching the runners for a bit, Jake and I headed to Dupont for brunch/lunch. Luna Cafew was crowded. Food Bar was closed. So we ended up at La Frontera. It was icky. Robert joined us towards the end of the meal and we walked to Cosi for coffee.

Jake went to the train station around 3 (?) and I headed home. I ended up watching movies and knitting for the rest of the night. It was nice.

Of course, I woke up at 5:30 thinking I had overslept. Stupid time change. Of course, the nice bit about that - once I realized what was going on - was that I could fall back asleep for another hour. YAY.

Tonight, I have no plans of interest, but I'm hoping to finish knitting my brother's Christmas present.

*Happy Monday smooches*

PS. I know I haven't done a Meat-Free Monday post in awhile ... and probably will not be inspired tonight either. But, I hope YOU enjoy a meat-free meal. Do your part for the environment! Go meat-free for lunch or dinner :-)


  1. No pics of the pumpkins?

  2. Sorry. No pics yet. I forgot to take them at the party. Maybe if the pumpkins we carved on Saturday aren't too dried out and gross-looking when I get home, I'll snap a few photos.

  3. I want photos! We don't do pumpkin carving in the UK or Aus so I need to see the work of an expert!

    I was meat free today. Food free infact. That still counts though eh?