Monday, October 30, 2006

VUBOQ Edits Craiglist DC Missed Connections

VUBOQ edits are in italics.

1. Safeway ... Crocs and Abercrombie shirt - m4m - 30

You were behind me in line in black crocs and an abercrombie shirt. I had on cords and a sweater. You are very handsome, but your choice of footwear indicates that you must be taken outside and shot.

2. Cute American Apparel employee - m4m - 24

you: cute, non-white dude (south american?) wearing a baby blue henley-type shirt; your hair is kinda long and has a cute little tail (capybara?).

me: white dude (european?) with a matted down fauxhawk -I ran out of product- wearing a white and burgundy track jacket and unable to use the shift key. i bought a few shirts and some undies at your store earlier today, around 4 maybe.

i asked you if you had any of those puffy vests. you said to try the dc store. then you said they're selling out all over the place, i have no idea why, and that you had to drive to richmond just to get yours. :-)

i find you adorable and really interesting... i would love to talk sometime... hit me up

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  1. I know why! I know why! *raises hand* They're warm!