Monday, October 23, 2006


I decided not to take a picture of my cranky travel face this time ... but, be assured it probably looked like this, only with more jetlag and more crankiness.

I got up on Sunday morning at 6:25AM. Anne-Marie drove me to London Bridge station where I caught the 7:15 train to Gatwick Airport. I found the US Air counter and waited on line for HOURS!

Once I finally reached the desk, I learned that my 10:30AM flight had been delayed an hour. By the time I got through security, it had become 3 hours.

As the plane touched down in Charlotte, NC, my 3:45PM flight to DC National must've been taking off. GAH!

And, even more fun ... the queue at immigration was heinous! And even though the "all other passports" line was 3 time shorter than the one for 'MURCANS, the stupid security guy was only allowing 'MURCANS into about 4 or 5 immigration officers lines. The other 8 were for the FOREIGNERS. Very frustrating.

I get through customs with no problems, and, when I go to the US Air counter to get my new flight, I learn I've been placed on a 7:45PM flight to National. GAH!

I ask if there's anything earlier. No.
I ask if there's anything earlier from Dulles. Yes.

I run run run run run through security (again! *sheesh* I mean, really, why do have to go through security again? Don't you think that if I were going to blow up a plane with a bomb planted in my shoes, I would blow up a huge international flight, rather than a dinky commuter express? Don't you?) and run run run run run to my gate.

I get there just in time for the 5PM boarding.

We land at Dulles at 6:30. I find my baggage carousel and realize that if my baggage comes of quickly I will have just enough time to grab the 7:15 bus to the metro station.

As luck would have it, my bag did not come off the carousel until 7:40. So I had just enough time to grab the 7:45 bus to the metro station.

Two trains and another bus later, I'm home at 9:30ish. I unpacked, played a little with my pussy, and went to bed.

Ah. Bed. Bed is good.

All in all, though, a very good vacation!!!

In other exciting news ...

1. Last week was my 5 year anniversary with this company. [Shouldn't I get a plaque or something? Like a new job?]
2. We get free lunch today! [This is unrelated to #1.]
3. My 5th Annual Pumpkin Carving Party is on Friday. YAY!

*many happy smooches of joy*


  1. you are returned.


  2. I want to come to one of your pumpkin carving parties some day. Maybe next year. I could make lemondrops!

  3. I wanna carve a pumpkin! But you live like 2000 miles away, and also I'm trying to finish my costume...

    Welcome back tho!

  4. Glad you got back ok. You must stop having these dramas at airports, you'll be competing with me soon...!

  5. I'm sad I didn't get to see you again before you left!