Sunday, October 15, 2006

Oh, To Be Beside the Seaside

I'm back from a weekend in Suffolk. Lots of time was spent by the shore. Lots of good food was eaten. I'll write up something in detail later, but now I have to get ready for my trip to Glasgow. I'm taking an early-ish train in the morning and returning on Thursday afternoon.

Luckily for you, here are a few photos to tide you over:

Steven and Anne-Marie at Dunwich shore

The sun peaks through at the Warbarswick shore.

The view from Framlingham Castle

Inside Framlingham Castle


  1. I like a moody, gray seashore. Oh yes I do.

  2. I just love that last one. Framlingham castle looks amazing!


  3. I am with the Persian -- I love the last photo as well.

  4. OMFG!!!

    You've been to two of my favourite places! Whenever I used to get stressed at home I used to drive to Dunwich. Did you go to the little flint cottages housing the museum? Did you get the story about how the original vilage fell into the sea? How one young lad bravely rang the church bell to warn everyone to leave? And he was the only one that died as the cliff collapsed?

    Did you get fish and chips at the best place in Britain? (That wooden shed on the beach!)

    And then onto Framlingham! I used to live there. It's so quaint. I hope you paid a little extra and got the audio guide? Oh memories, wonderful memories. Perhaps I love the UK after all my whinging.

    Or perhaps it's because I shagged several girls in the South West tower. It kinda looks like that's where you took the photo, it's the most intact one!

    Glad you didn't go any further north otherwise you would have been in my proper home territory and I would have been very annoyed to be 10000 miles away!

    Have great fun Mr Vuboq.