Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Pride Goeth Before the Fall

alternate title: Meat-Free Monday: Vomit on Toast Edition

I snapped this photo this morning on my walk to work. Probably by the time I get back from London (Did you know I am going to London?!), all the leaves will have fallen from this tree. *sigh* It's one of my favorites. I think it's a maple of some sort.

Yesterday, I was fairly productive trip-wise. I put my mail on hold. I emailed a few people I would like to meet while I'm there. I booked a hotel in Glasgow. It's a very cute, well-located place, called the Brunswick. I also found a ... wait for it ... cute little YARN SHOP in Glasgow!!! Woo hoo!!! Gen-u-wine Scottish wool!!! FUN! GAH! YARN! WOOL! WOOT!

*taking deep breaths*

Lessee, today I have a few errands to run during work: grocery store, transit office, bank ... Mike is coming over for dinner tonight and to pick up my spare keys. Maybe Isabella won't be too lonely in his care.

And, last night, was Meat-Free Monday. I hope everyone enjoyed a meat-free meal. I am trying to use up food leftover in my fridge, so I made Scrambled Eggs on Toast (aka Vomit on Toast). I sauteed some mushrooms and grape tomatoes. Then, I threw in some leftover pasta sauce. Once that was nice and warm, I dumped in the eggs and added some grated cheddar cheese. I poured that over two slices of whole wheat toast. Looked gross. Tasted yummy.


*meat-free smooches* to all!


  1. Scottish yarn, Woooo! How sad was it, that on my one trip into Canada, I was in the country for about 14 hours, (including sleep!), and managed to find two yarn shops before we left?

    Very sad. I know.

  2. It does look kinda um, well interesting. So wait you can eat eggs? I was thinking for some reason that was sort of the meat group.

    I'll bet it was pretty good tho.


  3. Persian: I'm an ovo-lacto vegetarian. I allow myself to eat all sorts of yummy egg and dairy products. Life without cheese and ice cream would be dull indeed.

    And quoth Gerard Depardeau in that Queen Latifah movie:

    "You and I, we know the secret of life ... butter." [or something like that]