Thursday, October 05, 2006

Wonder Woman Watch

I bought this watch on one of my trips to Las Vegas with the Cheating Cheater who Cheated. Cheatfully. I totally *heart* it. I feel like Wonder Woman when I wear it, and -sometimes- I pretend I am using it to deflect bullets. Yes. I am that goofy.

The only problem with the watch is that in the summer, it is really hot and my arm gets all sweaty. Do you think Wonder Woman ever has that problem? I don't wear it much during the sweltering months of late May, June, July, August, and early September.

I whipped it out the other day to put it on and *gah!* the battery had died. The horror! The horror! Fortunately, Diablo remembered that there is a watch/clock shop down the street from my office.

I went there this morning and had a new battery put in - $7.35. Now, I will know what time it is when I'm in London (Did you know that I'm going to London? TOMORROW?).

On the way, I stopped at the Bank of America to buy some traveler's cheques. However, after waiting in line for AGES, the teller informed me that only the supervisor can process traveler's cheques and she won't be back for 30 minutes. I couldn't wait. Rather than wait in line again, I've decided to forego the TCs, use my credit and ATM cards, and take some cash.

It will have to do.


  1. nice wonder woman watch. what else can it do besides deflecting bullets?

  2. fullofhype: This amazing watch has two other fantastic powers: 1) it has the uncanny ability to attract creepy old men, who say things like I LUV that watch and Where did you get it? and 2) it tells time.

  3. Wonder Woman didn't sweat.

    I hear that American Express now has a "Traveler's Card" that is supposed to be replacing their cheques. It works like a debit card basically and would be accepted anywhere that takes AMEX (unlike the cheques). Your ATM card, though, should work better than any of those options, no?

  4. GayProf: Wonder Woman doesn't sweat? Are you sure? Not even beads of perspiration on her alabaster brow? I think I've seen that depicted at one time or another...

  5. If she sweats, it smells like roses.

  6. That watch is craaaaaaazy. It's, like, a bondage watch or something. Here, tie me up, AND THEN ASK ME WHAT TIME IT IS DADDY.

  7. TCs are a pain in the ass anyway. You're better off using the CC and even ATMing. Have fun!