Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Good Morning, Kittens.

I have a busy couple of days ahead. Must write (at least) three essays for the EPA jobs from the job fair last week. *ugh*

And they have to be done by tomorrow at midnight. And the questions are Super Vague, like " describe your specialized experience which is directly related to this position. Include dates of employment and specific duties you performed." Could you not write an entire novel about that? Gah. So, anyway, here are a few pottery pictures to keep you entertained whilst I struggle away over these dumb essays...

spr09glazedbatch 011

spr09glazedbatch 006

spr09glazedbatch 004

spr09glazedbatch 002

Oh, and the plate is the Grand Prize for my friend, Carolyn (who donated to Food & Friends and the American Cancer Society), the winner of the 10% Refund Challenge drawing (unless she'd rather have something else, that is).



  1. You make such beautiful stuff.
    And apropos of nothing, my veriword is "catsemin".

  2. You are the Master Potter! That stuff is so beautiful.

  3. rn terri12:00 PM

    You are SO talented! I love your stuff. I also loved the scarf? thing. I am so not crafty. Good luck with your job forms.

  4. Pardon my ignorance, but what is the item in the second photo? Good luck in your job search -- being a gentleman of leisure is fun for a while, I guess, but it's been too long.

  5. Nancy: It's a vase or something. Not really sure. I was playing with shape. It will be sent to my friend, Dr Liz ... if she wants it.

  6. It's beautiful! I'm sure she'll love it.

  7. The vase or something is my favorite, too. The shape and the glaze are beautiful on their own, but the way that the glaze accents the shape make the piece stand out.