Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekend Update: Big Apple Adventure Bus Blogging

Good Afternoon, Kittens! I am on the MegaBus and heading home. Hurrah! NYC was totes fun, but I am ready to sleep in my own bed and pet my pussy for awhile.

When I last updated, I was meeting Nida and Nehal for dinner in Broolyn. We went to Walter Foods. It was delicious. I had a green salad and spinach and mushroom ravioli in a yummy lemon cream sauce. For dessert, we shared a slice of cheesecake and a slice of chocolate mousse pie. OMG. Total Yumz. After dinner, I headed back to Jake's Brooklyn abode, where we had cocktails and fun chat.

The next day, I met Min and his partner, Derek, for brunch in Midtown. We went to a cute little Frence bistro, Le Bateau Ivre. Spinach and Goat Cheese Omelet! Wow! Flavor explosion! Then, because the weather was so nice, we walked around, ending up at Grand Central Station. Min and Derek left, and I walked to the Village to meet Alison and her boyfriend, Peter. They ate. I ogled the cute food bringer outer guy:

nyday3 026

Afterwards, we walked to UniQlo, because I wanted to pick up a few more of their SuperSoft and SuperCheap ($4.90) t-shirts.

Returning to Brooklyn, Jake and I went out to dinner: A cute little neighborhood Mexican place, Elote, which had delicious margaritas. Mmmm. Margaritas. After dinner, we went to a nearby gay bar, Metropolitan. It wasn't very crowded. I assume all the NY Gayz were home watching Grey Gardens on HBO. In a fantastic turn of events, David was able to join us at the bar for a drink. Yay.

nyday4 004

By the time we got home, Grey Gardens was over, but -since I don't have cable- I stayed up to watch the repeat at 12:30. Jake went to bed. The movie was great (lovelovelove Ms. Drew), and it made me want to watch the documentary.

The next morning, Jake and I had brunch at Enid's (where Jennifer Aniston was recently spotted filming... romantic comedy, perhaps?). I had a huge Bloody Mary (boozy salad in a glass) and fried cheese grits with scrambled eggs and a biscuit. Delicious! Then, we left to meet Craig and watch David's stellar performance in The Sorceror. Kittens, if you are in NYC, you must try to see him in it. Srsly. So good.

After the show, Craig left (sad face), but David, Jake, and I headed to a bar/restaurant called Fetch where the cast likes to hang out. The bar is only about 2 blocks from Alison's apartment so she joined us there. Fun times!

Once home, Jake and I started watching the crapfest movie known as Twilight. Vomit. Sparkly Vampires? Please... I packed my bags.

This morning, I only had time to finish packing, buy a sandwich for the bus and grab a coffee. It was a totally amazing trip. Thanks so much to Jake, Alison, Peter, Nida, Nehal, Craig, and -of course- the reason for my mini-vakay, David! I had a blast.

And take a look at the my NYC set on Flickr.



  1. Sparkly vampires? You must explain!

    Sounds like a wonderful time! Mmmmmm, Mexican food. Mmmmmm, grits.

  2. clio bluestocking: Apparently in the book Twilight, instead of Vampires dying when they are hit by sunlight, their skin Sparkles Like Diamonds. So. Lame.

  3. Yay! Once again, proof that New York is moar exciting than Idaho. Just sayin'.

  4. Niiiiiiiiiiiiice.

  5. You and David are like a commercial for good dentistry.