Thursday, April 02, 2009

Am I Blue?

Good morning, Kittens!

It's been a gray and dreary past few days. The kind of day thatmakes one want to curl up on the sofa under a blanket with hot tea and cheesy movies.

Yesterday, I managed to drag myself off of the sofa and to pottery studio in the afternoon. It was not a very successful day. I had an image of what I wanted to make, but couldn't quite realize it ...

Instead, I ended up with this juglikepitcherything:


On the way home, I met up with my friend, Mario (remember him, David?). He had taken a pottery class earlier in the year and had nearly half a bag of clay leftover ... which he gave me! Free clay! YAY!

Once home, I did laundry and made dinner: tofu and broccoli in a ginger, lime, garlic, and tequila sauce. Then, K-factor came down and we watched Rachel Getting Married ... which was really good (but about 15 minutes too long).

Today, I must do *more* cleaning ... and work on some government applications ... and, tonight, Eric from Baltimore is coming down! Tomokito will join us for dinner. Then, Eric and I will head into DC for a late night cocktail hour with friends.

Fun times! Have a wonderful day!


  1. anne marie in philly12:44 PM

    what, no shout-out for dr. mel's 40th birthday?

    sounds like you are going to have a great day/night! hoist a cold one for me!

  2. I have to clean my room, make the bed, finish the babies' laundry, AND pack to go home. Boo to this dreary weather.

  3. rnterri1:23 PM

    Cocktails, yum! Happy 40th Dr. Mel!

  4. Bossy agrees about Rachel Getting Married. She felt like she had attended the actual rehearsal dinner, oh my.

  5. I also agree that Rachel Getting Married was excellent -- Joe and I loved its high level of ambiguity. Am curious to know which part was too long -- or should each scene have been a smidge shorter? The awkwardness and versimilitude (word?) of the rehearsal dinner scene was the best, I think. The brother element was very very sad.