Sunday, April 12, 2009

12 of 12: I Need New Rechargeable Camera Batteries Edition

Good evening, Kittens.

I actually remembered to recharge my camera batteries for 12 of 12 today. Unfortunately, they pooped out about mid-afternoon, so the final few photos were taken with my cellphone camera.

My morning started as it (almost) always does ... with coffee!

Then, I opened my Easter Bag from the Parental Units. It was fairly typical: toothbrush, washcloth, Christmas cocktail napkins, and a check (which was very generous). Yeah, Easter is usually a disappointment in the VUBOQ Household:
Easter Bag Contents

Isabella seemed happy (or sleepy) though:
Sun Kitteh

I like tulips. Which reminds me of the joke ... do you prefer tulips on your organ? If you can see this photo in the original size you should. I really like it. In fact, I may make it my new wallpaper:
Tulip Up Close.  Personal.

And, my SuperFancy Easter Dinner:
Easter Dinner

Fortunately, K-Factor called and suggested Easter Mimosas and Margaritas. Who was I to say no?

I didn't do it.

Yum. I just want to dive in!

Can you spot the cute guy?
Austing Grill Brunch 2

Then, off to the pottery studio to do some trimming:

The second shift staff person didn't show up (again!), so we all had to leave at 3:15. GAH! Recently, life has been throwing me some of these (which I am not handling well):
Curve Ahead

Waiting. Waiting. Waiting.

And, even though there are still 6 more hours in the day. I am done with it. Srsly. Done.


ps. Here's the link to the set on Flickr.


  1. I recognize pic #8 as the Austin Grill in Silver Spring. Am I right?

    ps. you should complain to someone in charge about the pottery studio fiasco! (that's not me)

  2. I love the crazy randomness of your Easter care package from your folks! I wish mine would send me a cheque :)

  3. I love the close up of the tulip. I like taking macros of flowers, hence the love of your tulip photo. I also like the shadow photo. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Anonymous9:18 AM

    I love the pics! Looks like a great day (save the toothbrushes! HA! Don't parents were the ones who gave out raisins at Halloween. I feel your pain!)

  5. Anonymous11:16 AM

    For whatever reason, my brother and I always got socks for Easter. I think it was a need (not so)cleverly disguised as a gift....

  6. What a fun set of pics. How nice that you got a check in your Easter basket along with the toothbrushes.

  7. Cats have a knack for finding the sunny spot don't they!

  8. Easter mimosas and cute guys are awesome, although oral hygiene for Easter? Kind of a buzzkill, eh? :)


  9. Why, pray tell, are there Christmas cocktail napkins in your Easter basket?

    I gave my kids Valentine heart boxed chocolate for Easter. You know, just because.

  10. Oh, I remember Austin Grill from my days in DC. Interestingly enough, the food you get in Austin? Not really the same.

    Although now I'm in the mood for a margarita. Hmmmmm....

  11. Your Easter gift from your parents is a hoot with the Christmas napkins. Haha! Love the tulip shot. Just gorgeous!

  12. I don't have anything really specific to say other than I always enjoy your 12 for 12's.

  13. What a fun day! The tulip photo would make a great wallpaper! Isabella is gorgeous.

    Your parents gave you Christmas napkins for Easter??? Love it. :)

  14. Right curves are the worst.