Thursday, April 16, 2009

Start Spreading the News!

Good Morning, Kittens.

We're Blogging from the Bus this morning. VUBOQ is going to take a bite from the Big Apple. VUBOQ also thinks that typing on a rattling bus is quite difficult. So this post may be shorter than expected ...

Anyway, yesterday was Chock Full o' Aweseomeness *and* Stress. The Aweseome part was serving, along with another alumna, as an outside evaluator of graduate student research presentations for one of my former professors. It was totally cool, but intellectually draining. We had to listen to 10-minute presentations, then ask relevant, guiding/probing questions. At the end of the nearly 3 hours, the professor thanked us and paid us a very nice compliment when he said, "I wish I had scheduled you for the presentations next week, too."

The Stress part involved getting ready for this trip. I over-packed. Then, this morning, remembered I had forgotten to pack the Pottery Thank You Gifts for my hosts. So, I took out some clothes. Guess who will need to do some clothes shopping now? Hello, UniQlo, will you be my friend?

Anyway, that's about it. I need to do some job-searching before my battery dies.

Have a sunshiny day! *smooches*

ps. Many apologies but I didn't have time for the 10% Refund Challenge Prize Drawing. I will do that when I return on Monday.


  1. Hooray! Now when are you coming to Maine>

  2. anne marie in philly7:17 PM

    I heard you yell out "HI!" as you passed thru philly!

    next time, stop here, dammit!

  3. Your title immediately sends show tunes through my head, and for some reason I am having this flashback of South Pacific being done the one year I was in high school in NC... Am I hallucinating? In the meantime, have FUN!!!!! And you're going to come West at some point in your life, right?!?

  4. Have a superfantastic sparkley visit of goodness in The Big Apple this weekend!

  5. That looks like the Bolt Bus! Love it!

  6. Have an amazing time. But not too amazing without Bossy.