Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Of Cabbages and Kings

Good Morning, Kittens.

Yesterday was certainly a full one for me ... I went to the EPA's Office of Water's Job Fair, hence the suit and tie. It was fine. They had on-site interviewing; however, you still have to go through the whole government job application process (which can take forever). Plus, they probably had over 400 people showing up for about 20-30 jobs ... of which, I am qualified for only a handful. *durgh* Job hunting sucks.

I got home around noon, had lunch, and jetted off to the pottery studio where I threw these:


The vase on the right is interesting, I think. The other one will probably become a mug.

Once home, I finally got around to tallying the 10% Refund Challenge. According to my records, 18 people donated a Grand Total of $2633! Hurrah. And the Grand Prize Winner (of some yet-to-be-determined pottery) is Carolyn. The Second Prize (the Worst Gay Novel Ever Written) goes to Nic the German! Congratulations, and thanks to everyone who participated!



  1. You look way too adorable in the tie. You also might consider putting something in your pottery photos for scale. That thing you said might end up a mug? I thought it was about the size of a soup tureen.

  2. Oooo! I like the narrow necked vase.

    You look snazzy in a tie. Hmmm. Snazzy is my mother's word. What will become of me?? Am I fated to become my mother? Woe!

    Good luck on the jobs, Vuboq

  3. rn terri12:29 PM

    You look handsome, VUBOQ!!!!!!!!!!

  4. So why IS the sea boiling hot?

  5. And what about the pigs with wings? Srsly - one handsome dude!

  6. anne marie in philly3:59 PM

    VUBOQ rocks the job market!

  7. Very handsome! The pottery is nice also. :)