Friday, April 03, 2009



And More Yarn! (and needles!)


Happy happy!

Makes me want to start a New Knitting Project ... but I am not until the Never-Ending Cardigan of Doom is finished. Then, we shall attempt socks (eek!). Toe Up? or Top Down?

Meanwhile, I finished the essays! And applied to 4 Jobs!
And, I've given up on the cleaning. Mostly.
Tomorrow, before the PUs arrive, I will change the sheets and clean the bathroom.

Fun times! *smooches*


  1. Who did you sleep with to get Knitpicks to deliver so fast? Sheesh!
    Do one of each. If you do a short-row heel it's the same either way. ;-)

  2. anne marie in philly4:29 PM

    sweet delicious yarn!

  3. You know that it is possible to give a project a rest and start another one in the meantime. It actually makes the brain/hands fresher when you return to TCoD. I do it with needlepoint all the time. Happy knitting! (BTW, if'n you don't mind, email me your mailing address - just in case I might have a little something for you - I won't stalk you - I promise - if I get too close to that part of the country, all my relatives would sense my presence and descent upon me like flies on carrion....)

  4. Have fun with the family!