Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend Update: Sunday in the Park Edition

Good Morning, Kittens.

Happy Monday. Hope your weekend was chock full of fun and excitement.

Mine certainly was.

The German's Friday night Bye-Bye Bash was a blast. Check out the pictures here. Apparently, babies are the Hot New accessory for straight parties.

Then, bright and early Saturday morning, the co-op denizens gathered for Yard Work Day. Good turnout. The yard looks really nice ... although it needs to be mowed ... by someone other than me.

Sunday, I was supposed to have a date. But, when I txted him that I would be late (because of delays on the red line), he txted back saying that he had to cancel. Bah. I continued on to Dupont Circle anyway, where I sat in the shade and knat. Eventually, Ray and Joey joined me. We talked. They left. And I headed over to Mike's house. We had fun chat. I knat more. He made delicious veggie pizza. I drank lots of cheap red wine. Then, I came home.

Fun. Times.

Today, I will be obsessively checking USAJOBS for the EPA positions I pre-interviewed for last week at the Job Fair. They are supposed to open today (and the close on Wednesday). Hopefully, there won't be too many essay questions. And, then, it's off to pottery class. Hurray.

Have a great day!



  1. Just so you know, I'm totally stealing your past-tense conjugation of "knit."

  2. Chelsea: I think I stole it from Dr. Mel ... so I'm sure you are welcome to it, too :-)

  3. "Knat": I like that, too.

    Is that Baby Hana in the pictures? She's sooo cute! I love her expression, like she's not sure what to make of everyone.

  4. Yes, Knat is all the rage.

  5. You're never fully dressed without a baby.

  6. What's that you knat? Well, it looks like you are still knitting it, whatever it is.