Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Weekend Update: They're Gone! Edition

Good Morning, Kittens!

Yes, the parents left this morning ... at 7AM ... which means they were clomping around the apartment at 6:30 ... which means I, too, was up ... which explains the extraordinarily early timestamp on this post. *durg*

Anyway, the weekend ... the visit -as a whole- was good. There was laughter and tears and a brief moment of "we might as well leave early" and "fine, do that" and then, "ok fine don't do that." And, it all began with ...

They arrived on Saturday afternoon. We went to Whole Foods. Then, we we had a very early dinner at Thai as Silver Spring (which was yummy). Came home. Played cards. Went to bed.

Sunday morning. Beautiful weather. We drove to the US National Arboretum to do their Cherry Blossom Drive. It was quite lovely (if a smidge too late to see Peak Blossoming). Photos are here. We came home, took a walk in the park, and then drove out to Target.

I had lots and lots of gift cards (from Xmas and Birthday) to spend. I bought some necessities (kitty litter, cleaning supplies), some not-so-necessities (DVDs - My Cousin Vinny, Pan's Labyrinth, Hairspray the Musical), and one Very Important Item:

Hello, Red Blender. Will you be my Boozy Beverage Making friend?

We ordered pizza for dinner and played cards.

Monday, the morning weather was kind of crappy - rain, cold, clouds. So we did some things around the house. Went to the hardware store. Bought sandwiches from Whole Foods. We decided to go to the National Portrait Gallery because Dad wanted to see their Lincoln exhibit. However, en route, the sun came out and Dad decided he'd rather see the World War II Memorial and Monument to Fascism (no, really, look at it). Here are some more photos I took.

Then, we decided to go to the newly revamped American History Museum ... which, um, dare I say, sucked. Whoever came up with the new design, did not do so with the anticipation of crowds. Like, um, how does one actually see exhibits? Without waiting in ginormous lines? I miss the old walk-in-see-things-walk-out museum. The signage was bad. The tourists were annoying. It was a miserable museum experience. On the plus side, on the way to the museum, I saw a tour bus that reminded me of Princess Sparkle Pony's Ugly Tour Bus photoblogging (except her photos are much more graphic and fun):

Ugly Tour Bus
Pie and Fish! Yum!

We came home. Ate Mexican Food. Watched Hairspray. And that was about it. *whew*

Today, I am meeting a friend for lunch and, then, I'm heading to the pottery studio for a bit. Later, I plan on relaxing and enjoying my empty apartment. *siiiiiiiiiiiigh*

Have a great day! *smooches*

PS. The answer to Yesterday's Afternoon Quiz: The ninja is holding the calligraphy brush in his left hand. According to my calligraphy instructor in Japan, one can not properly write calligraphy left-handed, which is why I, a certified left-hander, had to learn to do it right-handed.


  1. Mmmmm, fish pie. But srsly, My Cousin Vinny? Joe Pesci is one of those actors whose presence in a movie ensures that I won't watch it. I was once forced to sit through Gone Fishin' and to this day don't know how I managed not to claw my own eyes out.

  2. I hope your new blender serves you well.

  3. ACK! I saw that bus yesterday and really wanted to photograph it! But it was moving and I didn't have my camera. TSK!

    I'm glad somebody photographed it.

  4. Lovely new blender! I'm sure you will give it plenty to do.
    Glad you survived the visit. I'm always glad to see my mom come, and glad to see her go. She feels the same way about me.

  5. Wonderful blender!

    I have the same opinion of both the WWII monument and the American History museum. The WWII monument looks like it was designed by Albert Speer. The museum is all cramped and crowded and people push around their double wide strollers with their cell phones to their ears and their heads up their butts -- your basic nightmare. Somebody did a really poor traffic analysis on the place.

  6. anne marie in philly4:03 AM

    I hope you have reconnected with your boozy friends since the PUs left.

    rock that new blender with something icy!

  7. Red Blender!! ME WANT!!!!

    *adds to X-mas wishlist*