Monday, March 09, 2009

Weekend Update: Spring-Like Edition

Good Morning, Kittens!

Hope you had a lovely weekend, enjoying the warm, warm (yet slightly humid) weather! I sure did ... OK. Fine. I didn't. I stayed inside most of the time. Whatever. I had Things To Do.

Like ...

Friday, I had to clean the apartment. OK. Fine. I had to clean the Living Room and the Bathroom. But that's a good 2/5 of the apartment, so it counts ... right? Then, one of my neighbors invited me over to beat them in this popular stratergery game, Settlers of Catan (Milan?). They lost very well.

Saturday, I cleaned. And shopped. And, while at the grocery store, I ran into this crossing guard who I used to see every morning on my way to work. But, then, she transferred to a different intersection. And, of course, I stopped working. Recently, I see her sometimes at the Silver Spring metro station.

But, Saturday, I saw her at the grocery store ... and totally didn't recognize her at first, because her hair was all done up and she didn't have on the Crossing Guard Reflective Uniform. She recognized me and asked about my cat. She has a puppy and a cat.

Later that evening, several neighbors and the Mike Who Bakes Cakes came over for a mini FilmFest. We ate chili and cornbread and salad and Mexican Chocolate Cupcakes and drank beer. We watched several of the films which were shown previously at the Takoma Park Film Festival. The highlights being "The Postcard" ... a short Korean film about a guy who has a crush on his mail carrier and a Dutch documentary about a woman who was searching for a guy she knew and loved as a teenager. She finds him. He's a woman now. They get married.

Sunday, I worked all morning and afternoon on my Federal resume. OMG. Yuck. Then, I met CNTBD and Mike (Not the One Who Bakes Cakes but the One Who Lived in Glasgow) for dinner at Mandalay. It was delicious. N01, medium spicy, totally rocks the house! Mmmm.

Today, I have no plans other than to continue to work on my revised Federal Resume, to apply for a job or two, and to go to pottery class. Hurrah! Pottery Class!

Have a wonderful day! *smooches*

PS. Cross your fingers that I win Craig's contest!

UPDATE: I didn't win (*sniff*). But you can see all the entries (and the winner) HERE.


  1. Mexican chocolate cupcakes sound interesting...

    I am so out of the loop, I need to read back and catch up.


  2. rn terri10:58 AM

    It is so cool that you socialize with neighbors on such a regular basis. In my neighborhood, everyone ignores each other. Which really sucks. Have a great day and a fun pottery class!

  3. I am hope something comes through at the federal level.

  4. And, btw, I just made my contribution to the Hispanic Scholarship Fund as part of your Refund Challenge.

  5. anne marie in philly7:06 PM

    to rn terri - we socialize with our neighbors too! movie nights, bbq weekends, holiday gift exchange, birthday gift exchange.

    and we cat sit for each other too!

    fun fun fun!

  6. happy pottery class!

  7. Bossy posted crocuses too. Great minds and all that...

  8. rn terri11:40 AM

    to anne marie- you are lucky to have such great neighbors! I am surrounded by introverts ;-).

  9. I LOVE Noodle number 1 at Mandalay!