Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Good afternoon, Kittens!

Anne-Marie from Philly requested a picture of the yarn, so here it is. Delicious!

This morning has been busy. I had a phone interview (which I think went well), so I was prepping for that. This afternoon, after lunch, I think I'm going to take Iris, the Tiny Little Netbook, out for a walk ... and apply for a job or two.

Yesterday, I had a successful, but not overly productive, pottery class. I pulled several handles (which I didn't have time to attach). Then, the instructor demonstrated how to throw spouts. After throwing two spouts, I trimmed the teapot body and lid. Then, I attached a handle and the best looking of the two spouts. Teapot is finished! Well, teapot is assembled. There is still firing and glazing to go.

I think I will go to the studio tomorrow to finish some other trimming, and -maybe- glaze a few things as well.

Hope you are having a beautiful day! *smooches*


  1. Is that Black Bunny fibers I spy? I hear good things about that line.

  2. anne marie in philly5:32 PM

    yes, pacalaga, it IS black bunny fibers!

    VUBOQ deserved something special for his birthday!

    go check out your ravelry account; I left you a message!

    thanks, VUBOQ, for posting a pix!

    BTW, "Patience is a virtue, kittens" - bull$hit! LOL

  3. Iris is beautiful!

    Have a wonderful evening!

  4. My goodness, you put anything in your mouth, don't you? ;-)

  5. Anonymous2:03 AM

    Yum, yarn! I was feeling a bit jealous of your pottery classes when I remembered that pottery was the ONLY class that I completely failed (Ok, I didn't FAIL, but ugh!) in college. As an (intended) art major, it hurt, but clay and I just don't mix.