Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Very Good Day

Good Morning, Kittens!

Are we all recovering from the Best Day of the Year festivities? Nursing those hangovers with lots of juice and Chik-fil-a Egg and Cheese biscuits?

I had a very good day!

My hair? It looks Fabulous! And Blonde! Hurrah.

I got boatloads of great gifts ... 2 KnitPicks gift cards (1 from some of my neighbors and 1 from Goblinbox and Her W2Crew). An iPod Nano (it's GREEN!) from the parents (as well as Whole Foods and Target gift cards). 2 Bottles of Gin (Hendricks from Tomokito and Leopolds (pictured) from Sassy). A lovely plant from Tomokito's Mother-in-Law. And a MotherFucking Shitload of Birthday Wishes from many wonderful readers and friends!

And, the best thing? I still have a few more Cards Stuffed with Cash and Presents to come! It's like the Best Day of the Year has become the Best WEEK of the Year! Ya-HOO!!!

After getting my hair did, I came home, changed, and left again. I met CNTBD at a fun new(ish) restaurant, Founding Farmers. We had drinks. Shared an order of homemade potato chips. I ordered the 17 Vegetable Salad, which was delicious (even though one of the 17 vegetables was beets. Yuck). CNTBD had the filet with mac 'n' cheese and roasted brussel sprouts. For dessert, we each had Irish Coffee. And, I had a Vertical Banana Split. CNTBD had an apple turnover. Deliciously boozy fun!

The only downside of the day is that I think I'm coming down with a cold. I have a headache. My throat is scratchy. And I have about 5 canker sores on my tongue. Owie McOwerpants. But, even feeling draggy couldn't keep me down!

Today, I have loads of shit to do. Laundry. Several pressing Board matters to deal with. And, I want to research some more netbooks. AND, I have to finish the two essays for the government job which closes tonight. GAH!

Have a wonderful day! *smooches*


  1. *My* iPod is green, too!

    HBD again, glad you had funz.

  2. No recovery necessary here. I didn't even have an alcoholic beverage yesterday.

    Hope my little envelope reaches you soon.

    Any QNT last night?

  3. The hair? Fab. The post? To die for. The name of your blog? Fucking priceless! Happy (belated) special day!

  4. Uh-oh -- not that cold! BOSSY HAS THAT COLD! Say it ain't so, friend! Ugh.

  5. Oh NO!! I can't believe I missed your best day of the year!! I should have blobbed over to wish you a happy day. Well, happy day after, then. And a belated happy day, too.

    Hope the cold of doom doesn't get you.