Sunday, March 15, 2009

10000 Words

A few photos from my Pre-Birthday Party last night ...

39thParty 006

39thParty 009

39thParty 012

39thParty 014

39thParty 018

39thParty 020

39thParty 022

39thParty 028

39thParty 030

39thParty 039

The rest of the pix are here.


ps. If you haven't put those Cards Stuffed with Cash in the mail, you still have time. The Best Day of the Year is on Tuesday!


  1. Fun fun fun!! Looks like you have some great friends.

  2. 39? Weren't you just 33 last year?

  3. anne marie in philly5:59 PM

    looks like fun! CNTBD was there - YAYZ!

    I am beginning to recognize some of your friends - scary!

    I will assume cake baker mike made your birthday cake...

  4. Wait! How does anne marie know what CNTBD looks like??

  5. good times! Hope you have a great BD!