Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Let Them (and by "them" I mean "me") Eat Cake

Good Morning, Kittens.

I hope all is well in you world.

Yesterday was quite the adventure. My phone interview went well (IMHO). Here's a question though: Should one send a "thank you" email for an initial screening phone interview? I'm not entirely sure what's expected. Of course, I would send one for a face-to-face ... if I ever have one of those again. What say you, my Loyal Minions?

Afterwards, I had planned ot take Iris, the SuperCute Tiny Little Netbook, to Downtown Silver Spring for a bit, but I totally got sucked in to watching the Rupaul's Drag Race finale and reunion (ru-union?) show on Tom and Lorenzo's blog.

So, instead of heading to Hip, Happenin' Silver Spring, I went rollerblading in the park. The sunshine was deceiving though and my ears nearly froze off. K. Brr.

For dinner, I made a warm salad of chickpeas, pecans, and rice with a ginger lime dressing. It was pretty good. I should have marinated the chickpeas or something first though. Then, K-Factor came down for leftover birthday cake. And, I know, y'all are thinking "he *still* has birthday cake?"

And, I am saying, "YES!" When one had 2 cakes (and Tomokito brings you a chunk of a third cake), it takes awhile to eat it all ... especially when one is concerned about keeping his pre-40 figure well into his 40s.

Today, I need to apply for a couple of jobs, but -instead- I'm heading to the pottery studio. I have lots to trim and glaze today. Fun times.



  1. Yeah, you should send a note. Any opportunity to leave an awesome impression =) I admire your persistence and upbeat attitude...looking for a job is hard. have an awesome day =)

  2. rn terri12:05 PM

    I say yes, also. Keep your name in front of them!

  3. anne marie in philly12:16 PM

    yeppers! it can't hurt, and it would only take a few minutes of your time.

    "one is concerned about keeping his pre-40 figure well into his 40s." - tee hee!


  4. I also say "yes" to the note.

  5. I don't think people typically send notes for phone interviews but you should totally send one anyhow. Think about it: "no one else would do that" just means you'll stand out from the crowd.

  6. If you can, why not?

    That was in reference to the note, not eating cake.

  7. congrats on the phone interview! Good luck!

    I hope you had fun with the mud today.

  8. Mention of that cake, right about now with stores closed for the night, makes Bossy wish she had a birthday coming up -- in like a half hour.

  9. I agree with the crowd -- thank you notes can never go wrong.

    I was also TOTALLY sucked into the Drag Race finale. I am not a big fan of reality TV but was really impressed with the top two finishers. They were both so gracious! It was neat to see such grace -- when so often those shows are filled with pettiness and negativity.