Monday, March 30, 2009

Weekend Update: Cherry Blossoms Explode from My Ass Edition

Oh, wait ...that's *next* weekend's update!

Good MORNING, my Sweet, Sweet and Cuddly Kittens! I hope you had a SuperFabulous Weekend full of sparkly dancing unicorns and rainbows!

My weekend was *almost* that good ... Friday, I met CNTBD for lunch. Then, I like, totally chilled at the National Portrait Gallery/American Art Museum. Hello, Free WiFi! Hello, Electrical Outlets? Um. No. NPG/AAM has teh free WiFi but is not as generous with their electrons. Fer sure.

I took the 70 bus home. Sometimes it's fun to travel above ground with the commonfolk.

After a nap, I went to Happy Hour with the Neighbors. The German is leaving us. We are all quite sad. And, I'm sorry, David, but he did not agree to the nude layout. After Happy Hours, SCGB and I went to the Whole Foods, where I happened upon the Ugliest Easter Cookies EVER:

Saturday, I ventured forth unto DC, where I had originally planned to meet Robert (not *that* Robert) at the American History Museum.

But, hello, Crazy Crowded Mall full of kite festival tourists! Instead, we decided to go to Dupont Circle for Mexican food: Liquid Cheese! Margaritas! Scoping Out Cute Gay Boiz! After eating, we came back here, and SCGB joined us to watch Little Children. Which was amazing. Creepy. Disturbing. But, wow. So good.

Sunday. I cleaned my bedroom. oh, it is so lovely now I never want to leave it. Then, I went to the pottery studio for awhile. I have new pottery. Photos coming later today (perhaps). Then, I hung out with the fab neighbor, K-Factor. We had martinis. We ordered pizza. We played Scene It.

Fun times! Great weekend!

Hope you all are hunky dory!


  1. If you have cherry blossoms exploding out of your ass, you might consider seeing your health care professional.

  2. anne marie in philly3:23 AM

    ah, dupont circle...good food, good men, good times...

    AND you went a-shoppin' on knitpicks...pix when the goodness arrives, please!

    DC should be VERY crowded next weekend for the cherry blossom festival - avoid at all costs!