Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend Update: FAIL Edition

Good Morning, Kittens!

How was the weekend? Chock full o' fun and sun? Ready to take on the work week with renewed vigor ... and maybe some vim?

My weekeend started off with a blast! Friday evening, Iris, the Tiny Little Netbook, joined my electronic family. Plus, I got some delicious yarn for my birthday from Anne-Marie in Philly! Hurrah! So I spent the evening on the sofa playing with the new computer! It has a webcam! I have Skype! You can Skype me people! Wouldn't that be fun?

Saturday, I blobbed.

Sunday, I had a surprise birthday party to attend. I made cute little blue cheese and pecan canapes to take, but they took longer to assemble than I thought. So I rushed out of the house about 30 minutes late. When I got to the street the party was supposed to be on, I looked at my directions and realized I hadn't written the house number down. Yeah. Oops. I opened my phone to call the host, and that would be when I realized that I didn't have his phone number. In fact, the only phone number I had was the Guest of Honor. Can't really call him to ask where his surprise party is being held, huh? I called a couple of friends who live in the area to see if I could use their computers, but no one answered.

So I came home. Bah. Major Party Fail.

Tomokito came down and we had a beer. Then, I got ready for dinner with CNTDB. We went to Adega. Yum.

And, that was my weekend. Chock full of fun and excitement.

Today, I have to do some job stuff and, tonight, pottery class! Yay! After an unbearably long Spring Break, I have a lot of trimming to do tonight (unless everything is too dry). And handles to pull. Busy busy busy. Plus, I have tons of things to glaze too, but I doubt I'll get to that tonight.

Have a great day! *smooches*


  1. Oh no! I hope you and CNTBD enjoyed the canapes...

  2. rn terri10:05 AM

    Blue cheese canapes! Yum!!! I love teh blue cheese. :-) Have a great day!

  3. I am with Pacalaga - Hopefully you made good use of the canapes.

  4. I'm very jealous of Iris. I want a netbook!

    (I have a gadget addiction. Can you tell?)

  5. See, I would have knocked on someone's door and asked if they knew where the friend lived. Providing it was a safe-looking neighborhood. I've actually done that before. After all the trouble with making the canapes, I would have been damned if didn't end up at the at party one way or another.

  6. anne marie in philly5:44 PM

    thanks for the shout out...but you didn't show everybody the delicious yarn...unless you ate it!