Friday, March 13, 2009

Oops. Guess Who Forgot 12 of 12?

Good Morning, Kittens!

Yesterday was a SuperFun day ... except that I forgot to document it in photos for 12 of 12. Bah.

I met CNTBD for lunch. We went to Matchbox, a pizza place in Chainatown. It was good, but I think I prefer Sette. We think the server messed up our order, because it took *forever* to get our food. We were treated to a free dessert for our troubles though. Hurrah!

Stuffed with pizza, dessert, and beer, I staggered home ... and took a nap. Mmm. Nap.

Then, I purchased my bus ticket to New York City. I first tried Bolt Bus, but they're schedule for the day I wanted to leave wasn't up (weird). So I tried Megabus. I got my roundtrip ticket for $13.50. Not bad, eh? I'll be leaving on April 17th and returning on the 20th. Now, all I have to do is buy the tickets for David's show ... and organize a weekend of fun activities with my NYC-based friends!

Today, I have to make a couple of potential job-related phone calls. Then, I must go to the store to buy things for my Fabulous Birthday Celebration on Saturday (have I mentioned that my birthday is in 4 days?). Tonight, I'll be venturing into Virigina for a Welcome Back to the Area dinner party for a friend.

The rest of my weekend will be:

Crazed Party Prep.
Fabulous Birthday Party.
Party Clean-up.
Party Recovery.

Good times, eh? Have a wonderful day! *smooches*


  1. anne marie in philly9:57 AM

    gah, you might think someone is having a birthday soon...LOL


  2. rn terri10:49 AM

    Is your birthday coming up or something?? ;-) Have a GREAT Fabulous Birthday Celebration saturday!

  3. I forgot 12 of 12, too, but not because I was having a superfun day.

  4. Birthday? Hmm... I know SOMEONE has a birthday coming up. Oh yeah. I remember; it's my brother, on the Ides of March. But I can't think of anyone else.... ;-D

  5. wow.. you are going to be so close! Wish I could run down and see you.


  6. That's a whole lotta party. Have a blast.