Wednesday, March 04, 2009

So Accomplished

Good Morning, Kittens!

Yesterday was certainly a fun-filled day full of Fantastic Accomplishments!

I applied for a job I won't get. *w00t!*
I bought a MegaMillions Quick Pick. *w00t!*
I trimmed a bowl and two mugs. *w00t!*
I threw a platebowlthing. *w00t!*
I had Martini Time. *w00t!*
I finished reading Children of Men. *w00t!*
I watched The Last King of Scotland. *w00t!*
I knitted on a scarf for a friend. *w00t!*

And I'm sure today will be full of Even More Fantastic Accomplishments!

Like ...

More Knitting!
Applying for Even More Jobs that I Won't Get!

OMG! I don't know how my life could be any better!

Have a great day! *smooches*


  1. NC Cuzin8:28 AM

    OMG. I just finished Chirren of Men, too! Weird. Such a great book to read while on "sabbatical"

  2. I heard on the radio this morning that "green" jobs will be increasing. I forget the details (as I often do). I thought of you. I hope you can get one of these sweet green jobs soon!

    Love the platebowlthing. I lust after your clay.

  3. How could your life be any better?

    For someone who is having QNT mere months after a previous breakup, I would recommend you be careful what you wish for.

  4. I just ordered four or five new apocalypse fiction volumes from my local library, and am looking forward to them very much. In the meantime, I'm working through collections of essays and short stories and articles from indie newspapers. One of them (from Best American Essays 2004) is about KNITTING and made me think of YOU... "A friend of mine fell in love with a young man at college because he was knitting a sweater between classes the first time she saw him. She concluded that he must be an extraordinarily sensitive and creative man, though she eventually found out he wasn't. This man, whom I never met, is the only contemporary male knitter I know of, besides Kalle Fasset, the British sweater designer."

    And now there is VUBOQ!!!

    Anyhow, now I want to learn to knit!

  5. You should check out domestic servitude. The Butler and I believe it's a burgeoning new job market.