Friday, February 24, 2006

J-Pop Friday Returns!

... and there was much rejoicing.

The first selection is another song by that supercute boyband, SMAP:

Dainamaito [loosely translated as "Dynamite"]

Not much to say about this song. It triggers no special memories, although it may be one of the first SMAP songs I learned to sing in karaoke!

And all SMAP songs make me think of the supercute, and you know he has to be gay, Kusanagi Tsuyoshi. yum.

The second song for today is by Sorimachi Takashi (OK. I'll admit. He's yummy, too):

Forever [loosely translated as "Forever"], and, yes, that is Richie Sambora singing backup vocals.

This song has a special place in my heart for two reasons. One, it reminds me of the drama Beach Boys that my friends and I watched when we spent two weeks frolicking on the Okinawan island, Tokashiki.

Two, it's the first (and only) song I've ever sung in front of a band. The story is this:

One of the small communities where I used to teach had an international group. They had twice yearly meetings - filled with fun, booze, and food. One year, they told everyone to prepare a song to sing for karaoke. My friend, Anne-Marie and I, chose Forever. We went to a karaoke box every night for a week to practice. We practiced at home with a tape. We practiced all the time.

The morning of the party (the parties usually started around 11), we oversplept and had to make a mad bike-dash to the train station. We just made the train. Out of breath, we sat back and I asked, "So did you bring the tape?"

"No. I thought you had it."

URGH. There was no time to turn around and get it.

We arrived at the party, ate lots, drank loads, and spoke to a lot of friends. Then, it was time for the entertainment.

First up was a garage band, led by the son of one of the women there. They sang a few hair band-esque songs. Everyone danced around. They took a break.

We were sitting at their table when Anne-Marie asked the lead singer, "Do you know Forever?"

"Forever," he asked, "Eeeeeeh.... I suppose we do."

"Could you play it for us? We wanted to sing it for karaoke but forgot our tape."

"Eeeeeeh ... I guess. But we would have to practice."

"Well, go on then."

The band got up from their lunch and went to practice our song. Ha! I love the Japanese. They are so agreeable :-) [*smooches* for Shigeki]

It came time for the band's second set. They played a song or two, then said, "Anne-Marie has asked us to play Forever. She and Steven will sing for us."

WOO HOO! And we did. I totally rocked!

Anne-Marie wasn't too bad either.

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