Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Fun with Tables

Curse be the dreaded Firewall which my company has installed.

I have constructed the following table to list some sites which I would check daily (or hourly, if I got really really bored) prior to them being blocked by the evil Firewall of Doom.

WebsiteReason for Restriction
Scott-o-RamaPersonals and Dating
Somewhere in This WorldGames
Faggoty-ass FaggotGay and Lesbian Issues
DykewifeChat/Instant Messaging
The Traveling SpotlightGay and Lesbian Issues
Cute OverloadSaccharin Causes Cancer

[um. ok. I'm kidding about the last one.]


  1. Your firewall blocks sites for "gay and lesbian issues"?! WHERE THE FUCK DO YOU WORK, THE MIDDLE AGES?!??!

  2. I was going to ask the very same thing!

  3. Why, yes, I *do* work in the Middle Ages.

  4. You should condsider getting a job in another era. Seriously. It smells bad in the Middle Ages -- peee-ewwwh!

  5. It sucks. The firewall or web filtering system in your company cannot even categorize my site correctly. When have I mentioned about games on my blog?? I have never played games since Doom 2 which was like 10 years ago...

  6. but...but...we've never chatted on im! that just sucks that you can't read anything good.