Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Ode to the Netherlands

I was just looking over my blog stats and noticed that I've had a visitor from the Netherlands.


So, in honor of our Dutch friends, I will share my two Netherland Stories - one of which I told a friend yesterday.

1. When I lived in Japan, I met a Dutch woman, named Jacoba. She and her very unpleasant British husband had been in Japan for many, many years. Jacoba was your classic free-spirited, sharp-tongued artist. One day she told us about an experience she had in Oxford.

She was walking down the street in a very short skirt and tight top. When she passed by two women sitting at an outdoor cafe, one woman turned to the other and said, in Dutch, "Look at that slut walking by now." Jacoba turned to them and said, in Dutch, "Be careful. Everyone in Oxford understands what you are saying."


2. My first semester of college, I took World Civilizations I: Beginning of Time to the Middle Ages (or something like that). The course was taught by a Netherlander, Oscar Lansen (who is now at the University of North Carolina - Charlotte). I don't think he'd been teaching for very long in the US, because his accent was quite thick - understandable, but sometimes he'd mispronounce words.

During the very first class, he told a story of cavemen going out to kill a beer. I thought, "Cool. I'm going to like this class." Of course, later, I realized he meant bear. Eh. Cavemen. Not as cool as I thought.

Oh. and I had a big ol' crush on him. *sigh*

Thus endeth my two Netherland Stories.


  1. Oh yay! I've made it here... I started to get really lonely without my own blog to bitch and moan in. Now I just wish I could find more of my d-x survivors.

    Oh yeah, by the way - it's me, Kristin if you haven't already figured it out!

  2. Anonymous11:49 PM

    Hey, it sounded better than deterMINE. Hey, it was my third year here.