Wednesday, February 15, 2006


So far, two of my regular reads on Diary-X have found me. Yay!

I've added the Diary-Xer formerly known as GaijinGirl to my links over there -->
She's now Token Asian. Stop by. Tell her I sent you.

Dykewife, I'll add your link if you give me permission :-)

I wish I knew what happened to my other regular reads: Brain Surgeon, Dragonfly Dreams, Tamarisk, Stephany Sleek, Hwy14Writer, The Fat Lady Has Sung, Marvy Mei, and more ... Where are you? How am I to live without you? How?

I think tonight, I need to send out a mass email to all the Diary-x'ers with whom I usually communicate.

I miss you. *smooch*


  1. gor for it :) i was beginning to think you didn't like me anymore because i wasn't there. i'm happier now. i'm also off to watch murder and mayhem...well, i'm always off, but i'm leaving too.

  2. Anonymous5:38 PM

    Thanks for sending me your new page! I'm working on an interim page, I'll send you the link when I get it all set up. (Chelsea)

  3. Thank god for Shigeki! We're REUNITED!!!!! Hooray, hooray (shaking up a bottle of Coke and getting ready to have a cola shower to celebrate). But I've been suffering from too many writing commitments (essay contests, columns, contribution for JET 20th anniversary book)--it's giving me serious writer's constipation!!!!! Me and my big "hai, hai" mouth!!!! :p Love, formerly known as Gaijin Girl (when, oh when will Diary-X go back up?!)

  4. Oh, I'm HERE sweetie! I've missed you bunches! I hope you find me. The blog I gave is merely my myspace blog, and it will do for now, but know that I will soon have another (which I am against, as I *heart* diary-x SO.MUCH)