Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Cursed Be the Firewall

As some of you may know, my work life is now ruled by a cruel master, the Firewall of Doom, which prevents access to some of my favorite sites. One of the reasons some of these sites are restricted are because they deal with "gay and lesbian issues" (*gasp*).

I was doing a little research about the Sonic Firewall of Doom yesterday, and this is what I discovered:

from Sonic's website:

Gay/Lesbian: Sites that provide information, promote, or cater to gay and lesbian lifestyles. Does not include sites that are sexually oriented (from the Content Filtering Service Premium Edition Categories).

God ... er ... Firewall ... forbid that gays and lesbians actually receive information whilst on the job.

from an old article:

Another threat to virtual visibility for gays and lesbians online is blocking software--originally conceived as a way to mollify parents and political leaders anxious to prevent children from seeing sexually explicit material online.

"We know that blocking software is blocking a huge number of sites that are important to the gay and lesbian community," said panel member Ann Brick, staff counsel with the
American Civil Liberties Union.

Brick cited a GLAAD
report on blocking software that concludes that "the advent of Internet filtering software...and ratings systems mean cyberspace is poised on the edge of doing to gay men and lesbians what the CDA was prevented from doing--rendering us invisible."

Check out how much my company paid for the ability to render me invisible.

Looks like depending on the service, between $800 and $4000. Considering this is the company that doesn't let us buy colored ink pens (only blue and black. Thankyouverymuch), I hope they think this expense was worth it.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, not much is going on ...

Last night, my happy hour was canceled. So, I went home and knitted for a bit. Then, John picked me up around 7. We went back to his place, caught up on my email, watched TV [CSI reruns so rock!), talked, and went to bed. No red hot luvin'. *sniff*

Not sure what today holds. Probably more of the same. My friend, Robert, leaves for Argentina this afternoon. Bastard. Wish I had the cash for a fun birthday vacation.

I would love to go visit my friends in London, but I don't have the spare $$$ for a ticket. *sob* Maybe I can swing a trip later in the year though. I hope so. I'm feeling the need to get out of the country for awhile.

Finally, welcome to the blogging world, Ms. Martini (the Diary-X'er formerly known as Dragonfly Dreams)!!!

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  1. That firewall? SUCKS.

    (I've configured and installed them. Those Sonicwalls. Yes I have.)