Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Taxity Taxity Tax Tax

I attempted to do my taxes last night. First, I tried itemizing my deductions. Unfortunately, even with 2 months of interest payments on my home, they were not greater than the standard deduction ($5000).

So, I took the standard deduction.

After calculating my adjusted gross income and doing all the fancy-schmancy math (y'know addition and subtraction) to determine my paid taxes, I discovered that for the first time in years I will be getting a refund.

Woo hoo!

How much refund you ask?


I'll try not to spend it all in one place.


  1. One year I took some money out of my 401k because I would have starved otherwise. Then tax time came, and I owed taxes.

    I blew it off.

    The next year, I was owed a refund that would have covered the amount I owed.

    They never sent it to me.

    Apparently I have to send them two hundred dollars before they'll send me three hundred dollars.

    Hopefully I don't get audited.

  2. that's actually true mush. seems like its worth the .34 cent stamp to get $100.

    getting 41$ is better than owing $1600. I remember that year still. ouch!

  3. i'm getting around $1200 back, but i've indebted myself by the tune of close to $10,000 this year in student loans (i think it was more than that). it's all going to pay bills and pay boy back for helping support the family. the kitty looks cute :)