Friday, February 24, 2006

The New Sofa Cometh

Storehouse called this morning. My beautiful new sofa should be arriving between 12 and 4 tomorrow. YAY! So I guess we all know what I'll be doing on Saturday: Preparing for Sofa Arrival, Waiting, Waiting, and Waiting until 3:59 when it actually comes. Then, relaxing on the NEW SOFA. Then, maybe inviting John over to help christen the NEW SOFA. Very excited. Woo hoo! NEW SOFA! Maybe I should name it.

I don't really have many other plans for the weekend. John wants to go see Madea's Family Reunion (*gag*) on Sunday. I will probably go with him. That way, I'll have some ammunition for the next "high brow" film I want to see (The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada, anyone?).

I still need to buy some new shoes, so I'm thinking of trekking over to DSW in Pentagon Row after the movie [John wants to go to an early showing]. Possibly meeting up with Ray for a late lunch/early dinner and giving him the mittens he asked me to knit for his roommate/business partner.

Tonight, I don't have any plans, except John and I are going to make Brandy Alexanders. Maybe we'll watch movies. I should have a couple NetFlix DVDs arriving today.


  1. I want a new sofa!

  2. love the sofa. i wouldn't mind having one that doesn't turn into the great black hole of the livingroom and wreck everyone's back who sits in it. it is, however, a great napping couch. go figure

    oh, i've moved. i'm now at Seismic Twitch, if you want to change your links :) i know, I'm a pain.

  3. A couch changes everything. When I got mine, I would walk out of the bathroom while brushing my teeth and just gaze at it, as if at a sleeping newborn.

  4. Anonymous6:40 PM

    why can't i click all of the responses to the UPS heat question?? life is so cruel. - me in b.a.

  5. Anonymous1:53 AM

    Finally updated my bookmarks, and caught up since the D-X Disaster. I'm glad you relocated so quickly! It's so sad to have everyone scattered around the 'net after high school, when all your friends are at different schools. It just feels...icky. *sigh* ~~Chelsea

  6. I miss you. So glad they made a database.

  7. So, did the sofa cometh before 4 as promised, or much, much later, or not at all? That's the one thing that is great about Japan--2 hour window WITHOUT fail!!!!!